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From: Rusydah Stilwell
Subject: {subj150207kap}
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 17:39:12 -0330

Authoritative Oil and Gas company with Drilling Results on the Way

Company: Victory Energy Corporation (VYEY)
Current Price: around $0.80

Price Projection:

Drilling exceeds expectations: $4.00
Drilling meets expectations: $2.60
Drilling is below expectations: $1.50

A few days ago VYEY said that its first test well  "has probable shows for oil 
and gas in 3 medium to large zones which total 195
feet of potential production."

Further drilling is being done right now. We are waiting for results to be 
announced shortly.

Do Not Wait till After the results are announced.
Trust your feelings. It is Time to Get In Now.

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