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[lmi-commits] [lmi] branch valyuta/002 created (now 9433c8e)

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi-commits] [lmi] branch valyuta/002 created (now 9433c8e)
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 16:54:59 -0400 (EDT)

chicares pushed a change to branch valyuta/002.

        at  9433c8e   Discuss timing, and philosophical and political questions

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  ef7fe2f   Change type of currency variables to 'currency' in headers
       new  d137177   Currency
       new  bf1943b   reformat
       new  ce34d89   improve
       new  346c95b   improve
       new  6b28993   clarify non-MEC solves
       new  8331a5c   avoid catastrophic cancellation
       new  c07e796   use currency type
       new  7481c2b   discard--throwaway assertions
       new  015253b   add an alternative
       new  540c4f3   currency(0.0)
       new  0e8c429   rounding
       new  c407817   fix defect
       new  e260d89   avoid operator double()
       new  4d9fed5   document
       new  03262ae   commented-out curiosity
       new  c34960b   alternative for debugging
       new  0bf83a4   augment
       new  9bee994   use currency type
       new  0856081   improve currency
       new  360060c   suppress failing assertions
       new  794727e   Round when converting from double to currency
       new  680dd5d   Revert "suppress failing assertions"
       new  c4e0809   use round_to<>.c()
       new  deba50c   assert rounding to currency makes sense
       new  915d111   avoid operator double()
       new  0cd4c10   There can be no operator*
       new  518d684   Currency: implement binary operator+
       new  c105c78   Currency: implement binary operator-
       new  e9f5447   round currency to currency? huh?
       new  ba6a8d1   implement currency comparisons as free functions
       new  7dc9331   round.c()
       new  d63c5b3   round all the things
       new  8fd00bb   rework operator*()
       new  998fdf5   operator/()
       new  39eb954   symmetric binary operators
       new  56ec06f   overload SetMonthlyDetail()
       new  d837132   Overload currency ctor
       new  28a5e54   make data_type public
       new  5489e25   use data_type
       new  3d03e4a   fix typo
       new  f7f87b2   unit test: overflow
       new  5f00c5a   Add a commented-out idea
       new  6381b2f   Throw on overflow
       new  e0c5136   improve documentation
       new  9cf4517   c()
       new  90773f3   currency() rather than currency(0.0)
       new  615a24c   round.c()
       new  5d2e8ec   prefer to avoid operator=(double)?
       new  7bac50c   default-initialize currency
       new  9a4b91d   Speed measurements
       new  a00f68f   document
       new  a32e29b   Avoid implicit conversions, whose (hidden) cost is very 
       new  9ea1df7   further improve preceding commit
       new  9da6616   Round explicitly in a few more cases
       new  7de1baa   Note some more instances of the missing unary operator-()
       new  39d842f   Simplify: catastrophic cancellation less worrisome with 
integer math
       new  9a9665c   Record some speed improvements
       new  4f46dd5   Assert a precondition
       new  49f84a1   Don't convert type with operator=()
       new  ba43414   Record 64-bit timings
       new  2dabfcf   Try to make something a little less arcane
       new  fb82290   Use maximal 64-bit rather than 32-bit integer value
       new  d124022   trace solves in self test
       new  9433c8e   Discuss timing, and philosophical and political questions

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