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Re: [lmi] synchronizing wx and lmi for production

From: Wendy Boutin
Subject: Re: [lmi] synchronizing wx and lmi for production
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 21:45:34 -0500
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On 2005-8-16 7:30 UTC, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 07:29:59 -0400 Wendy Boutin <address@hidden> wrote:
> WB> , but is
> WB>   libwx_msw-2.6.dll.a the same as
> WB>   libwxmsw25d.a
>  Not quite because of 'd': the latter is debug build, the former is
> release. 

Okay, it makes sense that I got libraries with the 'd' when I rebuilt
using '--enable-debug'.

> I'm a bit
> surprized that the library names produced by "manual" makefiles and autoconf-
> generated ones are not the same though. Could you please confirm that this
> is indeed the case, i.e. that the libraries are named differently in 2.6.1?

I believe that's indeed the case. These are my results from using and a wx cvs
checkout as of 2005-07-07:

built manually modifying setup.h and using cmd
C:\downloads\wxWidgets\lib\gcc_dll>ls .
libwxexpatd.a            libwxpngd.a              libwxzlibd.a
libwxjpegd.a             libwxregexd.a            mswd
libwxmsw26d.a            libwxtiffd.a             wxmsw26d_gcc_custom.dll

built with configure && make using msys:
address@hidden /c/downloads/wxwidgets/build-msys/lib
$ ls
libwx_msw-2.6.dll.a  libwxpng-2.6.a    libwxzlib-2.6.a  wxmsw26_gcc_custom.dll
libwxexpat-2.6.a     libwxregex-2.6.a  wx

> WB> and is
> WB>   wxmsw26_gcc_custom.dll the same as
> WB>   wxmsw26d_gcc_custom.dll
> WB> ?
>  Yes, except for 'd' again.

Since lmi relies on the debug version, I've added the appropriate option.
Is there a real benefit to using the "debug" version versus the "release"
version. It seems as though the debug file is 625% bigger than the release
47957kb  wxmsw26d_gcc_custom.dll
 7675kb  wxmsw26_gcc_custom.dll

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