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[lmi] wx-2.7, MinGW gcc-3.4.5, inline + dllimport

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi] wx-2.7, MinGW gcc-3.4.5, inline + dllimport
Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2006 02:09:37 +0000
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Building lmi (with strong warning options), I get:

  C:/wx20060323/wxWidgets/include/wx/thread.h:685: \
  warning: inline function `void wxMutexGuiEnter()' \
  declared as dllimport: attribute ignored


  685  inline void WXDLLIMPEXP_BASE wxMutexGuiEnter() { }
  686  inline void WXDLLIMPEXP_BASE wxMutexGuiLeave() { }

The only other match for 'inline.*WXDLL' in include/wx and its
subdirectories is in 'dnd.h', which lmi doesn't yet use but should:


  48  inline WXDLLEXPORT bool wxIsDragResultOk(wxDragResult res)
  49  {
  50      return res == wxDragCopy || res == wxDragMove || res == wxDragLink;
  51  }

Vadim, is there any disadvantage to removing WXDLLEXPORT from these
three inline functions? I agree with what you said here: that gcc...

| should simply ignore dllimport if it inlines the function. The reason is
| that otherwise it is impossible to have inline functions in a dllexported
| class and this surely can't be intentional.

but I would distinguish this situation, because these aren't
member functions.

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