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[lmi] LMI Help Proposal [resubmitted]

From: Ericksberg, Richard
Subject: [lmi] LMI Help Proposal [resubmitted]
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 12:21:30 -0400

The following represents what the LMI Help Project Team has decided how
Help Will work in LMI:

LMI Help Proposal

Authors: Rick Ericksberg / Kara Raabe
Date:    2006/05/16


  To define how Help functionality will work in LMI.

Definitions / Explanations

  What was formally called "Context Help" is now called "What's This?"
Help as
  Context Help [or Context Sensitive Help] is really a broader term and
  therefore a better name was needed.

  F1 Help is another form of Context Sensitive Help giving more detail
  "What's This?" Help.    

  The main help dialog window will be referred to as HTML Help.

  [Currently grayed out] Help Buttons will be removed from the modal
dialogs in
  favor of F1 Help.


  What is it ?

    A little yellow box with text appearing over the control.

  How is it invoked ?

    Anytime the mouse pointer hovers over the control. Disappears when
    pointer moves away.

  What does it give you ?

    A brief [one or two word] explanation of "what" the control is [e.g.
    Copy, Paste.]

  Where is it appropriate ?

    High-level controls [navigational] such as main window toolbar
    that usually only have a picture.

  When is it available ?

    Always, whether or not the control is.

"What's This?" Help

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