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RE: [lmi] LMI Help Proposal

From: Ericksberg, Richard
Subject: RE: [lmi] LMI Help Proposal
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 07:55:16 -0400

On 2006-5-18 14:13 UTC, Greg Chicares wrote:

> When we first looked at tooltips, we asked Vadim to enhance them in
> various ways. Have we now decided that we'll never care about such
> things, and would prefer to terminate those work orders?

Tooltips are already working correctly. Nothing else to do.

>> F1 Help
>> The problem here is how to map the current control to the help topic.
>  I'll let Rick answer this. But I would like to comment on one item:
>> we could use some dirty hacks
>> like using help text of the form "Control description here#topicId",
>> i.e.
>> sue some "rare" character such as hash sign to separate the help
>> topic from help text. But this looks rather ugly, so I think that if
>> we really need this, a separate "helptopic" tag is a better idea.
>  Thank you for thinking creatively and offering us a variety of
>  options. I agree with you that we should prefer a clean approach to
> "dirty hacks". If we really need this, we'll pay for it to be done
>  cleanly.
> Rick--Bear in mind that our data-entry dialog is "skinnable" by
> changing only the '.xrc' file. One user group might have 'Payment' on
> a 'Payments' notebook tab (distinct from 'Benefits', e.g.), while
> another might combine 'Payment' and 'Death benefit' on a single tab.
> Wendy's the expert who can best explain this to you. Does this mean
> that help files have to vary by "skin"? There's a very thorny
> question. I should have asked this on the mailing list; let's not
> continue this paragraph's discussion off the list.

The skin issue will require more research, consideration and discussion.
Embarking upon that now.

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