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RE: [lmi] Why not DBL_MAX?

From: Boutin, Wendy
Subject: RE: [lmi] Why not DBL_MAX?
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 10:12:41 -0400

Greg Chicares wrote:
> As a general rule, I'd rather not attempt to correct invalid
> input automatically. In my experience, that takes a lot of
> effort and doesn't please users. Often the "correction" is
> incorrect.
> IIRC, a user who tries to save a file that violates the rules
> gets an error message. Wendy, would you please take a look at
> the current behavior and say whether you think it's already
> good enough? Following the behavior of the legacy application
> may be good enough for now. We could consider expanding it
> in some really simple way, if we can devise one, but I think
> it best to keep this very simple.

The behavior is good enough in that it doesn't allow the file
to be saved, but I think it may still need a little work because 
I wasn't able to correct the problem. 

> For instance, I think we've already got:
>   if highest limit isn't what it must be
>     then complain about that in a messagebox
>     (only when attempting to save the file)

I think the complaint can be a little less cryptic. Right now,
I see:

Assertion '(.999 * DBL_MAX) < limits_.back()' failed.
[file c:/opt/lmi/src/lmi/stratified_charges.cpp, line 140]


I really like your suggestion below that offers a clearer

> If that's working well enough, but it's the only test, then
> we might add:
>   if any band isn't positive
>     then complain as above: "All bands must be positive"
>   if bands aren't uniformly increasing
>     then complain about that as above
> Let's think carefully before doing much more than that.

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