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[lmi] expected behavior of TAB in database editor

From: Vaclav Slavik
Subject: [lmi] expected behavior of TAB in database editor
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 23:23:15 +0100
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I'm trying to fix the reported problem with database editor's TAB 
handling: you can use it to change focus from the tree to grid table, 
but once there, pressing TAB doesn't change focus back to the tree or 
other controls and it's kept in the grid. This is because wxGrid uses 
TAB for moving to another grid cell.

I just realized I'm not sure what the best behavior is. I can see 
three obvious solutions:

(1) Pressing TAB should move keyboard focus from the grid to the next 
control in focus chain. In other words, it shouldn't be used for 
cells navigation at all.

(2) Pressing TAB should behave like now, i.e. move selection one cell 
to the right, until it reaches the rightmost cell. But when you press 
TAB when the selection already is in the rightmost cell, focus should 
be changed to the next control in focus chain (instead of doing 
nothing, as is currently the case).

(3) Like (2), but when pressing TAB on rightmost cell, move the 
selection to the leftmost cell on the next row and only move focus 
out of the grid when the user presses TAB on the very last cell 
(bottom right corner of the grid).

In (1), wxGrid is treated as single control from navigation point of 
view. In (3), each cell is treated as separate control w.r.t. 
navigation and (2) is midway between the two.

What's your preference? Or do you expect something else altogether?


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