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[lmi] product editor grid and axes selection controls

From: Vaclav Slavik
Subject: [lmi] product editor grid and axes selection controls
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 19:48:41 +0100
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I found another issue with keyboard navigation in MultiDimGrid 
control. After fixing TAB order to allow setting focus from keyboard 
to all of the controls, including axes selection controls between the 
tree and the grid, I noticed two thing about the checkboxes used to 
enable individual axes:

a) When you enable an axis using keyboard (by pressing space when it 
has focus), you have to press Shift-Tab to move the focus _back_ to 
previous control if you want to change its value. I'd expect the 
value control to be after on/off control in TAB order.

b) On Windows, checkboxes without labels don't visually indicate they 
have focus, so as soon as the focus is moved to one of the 
checkboxes, there's no way to tell where the focus is, you have to 
work from memory.

This is how the controls look now (notice label-less checkboxes on the 
right side and alignment of left-side labels; fixed-width font 

    Class [Preferred] [X]
  Smoking [Smoker   ] [X]

I thought that it would be better to put the checkboxes on left side 
and with label,like this:

  [X]Class   [Preferred]
  [X]Smoking [Smoker   ]

But Evgeniy pointed out his reasons for putting checkboxes on right 
side to me and they make sense:

  1) it would be nice to have two dropdown controls for axes selection
     (labeled 'X axis' and 'Y axis') to be aligned with the rest of
     dropdown boxes below
  2) it would be nice if axes labels are right aligned (towards the
     dropdown boxes) so that there is the least possible amount of
     space between the label and the dropdown box
  3) The axis activation box should also be close either to the
     dropdown control or to the label

I still think it's more important to have b) (and probably even a)) 
and sacrifice 2), but it's not as obvious to me anymore. What do you 


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