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Re: [lmi] A GUI test for pasting

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: [lmi] A GUI test for pasting
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 01:54:33 +0000
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On 2008-02-04 00:46Z, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
> On Sun, 03 Feb 2008 15:46:32 +0000 Greg Chicares <address@hidden> wrote:
> GC> But I can't get it to work yet. With ::SendMessage(), I reach
> GC> the last test in Skeleton::UponPaste(), but return early because
> GC> that test fails:
> GC> 
> GC>     wxTextDataObject test_data;
> GC>     if(!wxTheClipboard->GetData(test_data))
> GC>         {
> GC> +       warning() << "Early return." << LMI_FLUSH;
> GC>         return;
> GC>         }
>  This is because the test currently doesn't put any text data on the
> clipboard (unlike Excel which puts it on clipboard in 23 different formats
> as I just counted, including "link", "text" and "Unicode text").

Yes, that's the problem I was trying to solve in the patch at
the bottom of my last email, though clearly my way didn't work.

> GC> I'd really like this to work, but I'm badly stuck. Could I ask
> GC> you to write a patch that successfully tests pasting as if from
> GC> ms 'excel'?
>  Unfortunately I wasn't able to produce it today because I have some
> (unrelated and certainly due to some local misconfiguration) problems with
> building LMI right now. But normally it should be enough to do just
>       wxTheClipboard->AddData(new wxTextDataObject("1\r\n2\r\n3\r\n"));
> (after the existing "wxTheClipboard->AddData(x);" line) but I didn't test
> it yet.
>  I'll try to test it tomorrow but maybe this can be already helpful to you
> in the meanwhile. If you have a moment to test it, please do let me know if
> it still doesn't work.

I added that line (using ::SendMessage() for pasting), but it
still doesn't work for me: now only the initial '1' pastes,
but that's because UponPaste() returns even earlier and the
event is skipped. I think I'd better wait and see what you
come up with.

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