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[lmi] product editor patch

From: Vaclav Slavik
Subject: [lmi] product editor patch
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 20:10:48 +0100
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I submitted updated product editor patch here:

It's against CVS HEAD, so it may contain some unapplied 
editor-unrelated patches -- let me know if you want me to edit them 
out. There are still some problems with it; in particular, I'm aware 
of the following ones:

* MDI children don't enforce minimal size need to show all controls (I 
only have unpolished version of this change locally, the fix should 
be partially in wx).

* MultiDimGrid's axes selection controls change their position and 
size slightly when you enable an axis, because the window's layout is 
redone (needs small wx change or ugly workaround).

* Axis checkboxes issue discussed on the ML.

* wxSpinCtrl controls in rounding editor are too wide (will be fixed 
in wx, but not done yet).

* Bold labels with table's description near the top of database editor 
don't wrap and don't fit into the window if it's too small or the 
label too long.

* I think we can avoid dynamic_cast<> in 
and RefreshAdjustment and axis_adjust_wins_ don't need to be 
untyped "wxWindow*". I'm not happy with this code, I _think_ it can 
be simplified, but it's not entirely trivial and I didn't want to do 
it until I get more familiar with the code by working on more obvious 
things first.

* There's views synchronizing code in documents classes. See here for 
PolicyDocument, but it's not limited to this: 

Some of previously reported bugs were fixed either entirely or 
partially in wxWidgets and so the fixes won't be visible until 

* automatic sizing of grid's columns/rows labels

* scrolling in policy editor if the window is too small (TABing didn't 
scroll the control that has focus into view and scrollbars weren't 
considered when computing min size in earlier versions)

* wxGrid indicates focus by using different colour for selection and 
hiding cell cursor when it doesn't have focus since 2.8.8


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