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Re: [lmi] help implementation

From: Vaclav Slavik
Subject: Re: [lmi] help implementation
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 13:10:57 +0100
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Greg Chicares wrote:
> > To me, it seems best to let F1 show contextual popup when
> > possible (even in the main window, because it's "dialog-like")
> > and if there isn't any, show main page of the help book.
> Perhaps we're saying the same thing, but I want to be sure.
> I guess I would have said that if there's no active dialog (or
> dialog container like wxBookCtrl), then there's no context for
> a popup, and the main page of the help book should be shown.


> But in what way is the main window like a dialog?

What I meant was that even the main window's MDI windows are "dialogs" 
in the "window with a bunch of standard controls" sense. Look at 
rounding or policy editors -- they consist entirely of controls, much 
like dialogs do and I think it makes sense to provide contextual help 
for these controls too. Obviously, that's not the case for database 

But the guidelines I cited earlier actually provide instructions for 
this situation: F1 should show main help page and Shift-F1 should 
show popup help for the control with focus.


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