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[lmi] Skeleton::InitIcon() cleanup

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: [lmi] Skeleton::InitIcon() cleanup
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 22:57:05 +0200


 I'd like to submit a very simple patch removing another "WX !!" marker,
this time from Skeleton::InitIcon():

--- lmi.rc      2008-01-01 18:30:08 +0000
+++ lmi.rc      2008-08-07 20:38:30 +0000
@@ -31,6 +31,9 @@
 // binary. Other icons are treated the same way here, not because they
 // must be, but simply as a matter of consistency and convenience.

+// Also allow referring to the icon by its normal name in the code:
+lmi ICON "lmi.ico"
 // Get stock cursors etc. Unconventionally, write this #include
 // directive at the end of this file, to prevent any ICON statements
 // in the included file from preceding the application's icon--which

--- main_wx.cpp 2008-08-02 03:47:24 +0000
+++ main_wx.cpp 2008-08-07 20:54:16 +0000
@@ -481,20 +481,7 @@

 void Skeleton::InitIcon()
-#ifdef LMI_MSW
-    // If a wxIcon rather than a wxIconBundle were used here, then
-    // lossy shrinkage of a large icon could occur on msw; this
-    // approach uses a smaller icon in the '.ico' file instead.
-    //
-    // WX !! However, this method:
-//    frame_->SetIcons(wxIconBundle("mondrian.ico", wxBITMAP_TYPE_ICO));
-    // displays a black-and-white icon in the alt-tab task switcher
-    // on msw, even though the 256-color 32x32 icon comes first in the
-    // '.ico' file; but this shows the color icon:
-    frame_->SetIcons(wxICON(AAAAAAAA));
-#else // Not defined LMI_MSW.
-#endif // Not defined LMI_MSW.

 void Skeleton::InitMenuBar()

As you can see I simply removed the comments because just setting the icon
works exactly as expected with any recent wx version, i.e. the 16*16
version is used in the title bar while the 32*32 one in the Alt-Tab dialog
and no downscaling occurs.

 The only potentially discussable thing this patch does is to embed the
icon twice in the .rc file but I think that the few extra bytes in a
multi-megabyte file are worth the ability to refer to the icon in the code
by its real name, thus avoid #ifdefs.


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