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RE: [lmi] Different behavior observed with 'File | Save'

From: Murphy, Kimberly
Subject: RE: [lmi] Different behavior observed with 'File | Save'
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 13:27:01 -0400

Greg Chicares wrote:

> Here's my patch; it can be applied if testing confirms that it works
> and there is no other objection.
> [snip patch]

I patched the last cvs checkout on my computer, 
"Oct 7 02:09:29 2009 UTC" and rebuilt Lmi. The patch does 
fix the behavior I noted 2009-10-08 1:23 PM, which was that 
'File | Save' had been disabled with a newly-created '.ill' 
document with wx-2.9.0. 

After 'File | New | Illustration', I immediately observe the 
'Save' button is visually enabled. However, until 'OK' is 
pressed, the button is not accessible. This is a similar 
characteristic as with other visually enabled buttons, 
like New, Open and Print. No change in behavior was 
observed with a newly-created census.

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