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Re: [lmi] Allow direct drill-down editing in census manager

From: Vaclav Slavik
Subject: Re: [lmi] Allow direct drill-down editing in census manager
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 18:48:13 +0100


On Tue, 2010-03-16 at 16:24 +0000, Greg Chicares wrote:
> Let me start by asking whether it makes sense to replace the listview
> with an appropriate grid-type control as a first step

I think so -- we will need to use some grid control in order to
implement this.

What should be shown (and eventually, editable) in the grid, though?
There's tons of fields in cell editor; clearly, it couldn't all fit into
the grid (unless "wide" horizontal scrolling would be used to show all
fields, in which case the question would become one of ordering: what is
important enough to be visible without scrolling?)... Or am I missing
something here?

> deliver separately), then enable drill-down editing as a second step.
> We might also defer editing of "input sequences" until a third step
> that implements this:
>   https://savannah.nongnu.org/support/?104480
>   "Pop up alternative input-sequence editor"

Would it make sense, from your point of view, to do this first? It
sounds like a relatively simple thing and the editor control should be
reusable as is in a grid. Also, unless all data will be shown in the
grid, we'll still need the cell editor dialog and use this control in

> Maybe there should even be a zeroth step to clean up class CensusView.

That requires first hand understanding of what is wrong with it, so I
think it would be better to do it after, or in parallel with, other


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