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Re[2]: [lmi] InputSequence questions

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: Re[2]: [lmi] InputSequence questions
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 14:34:33 +0100

On Thu, 25 Mar 2010 11:56:22 +0000 Greg Chicares <address@hidden> wrote:

GC> On 2010-03-24 16:04Z, Vaclav Slavik wrote:
GC> > On Wed, 2010-03-24 at 15:12 +0100, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
GC> > 
GC> >>  It would be nice if a new row could be added automatically when you
GC> >> complete the previous one. IME (and I use such dialogs quite often in
GC> >> Mahogany myself)
GC> Can you point to one or two illuminating examples in Mahogany?

 The main example is the filter editor which can be accessed by the menu
item "Edit|Filter Rules" and clicking "Add" button in the dialog. You can
see how it looks here: http://www.tt-solutions.com/vz/m_filter.png

 Unfortunately I couldn't avoid having an "Add" button there, I'd
definitely prefer to get rid of it if I could.

GC> >> VS> A variation of the same could include from-duration too, as read-only
GC> >> VS> text repeated from previous row, to improve understanding:
GC> >> VS> 
GC> >> VS> 
GC> >> VS>     [    0]  from inception   [until year      ] [5     ]
GC> >> VS>     [ 1000]  from year 5      [until retirement]         
GC> >> VS>   
GC> >> VS> What do you think?
GC> >> 
GC> >>  For me the last version looks much more clear.
GC> > 
GC> > OTOH, it adds visual noise to the dialog: both static (duplicated
GC> > information; too much information) and dynamic (UI changes in places you
GC> > don't directly interact with at the moment).
GC> This is a tough decision. Is there anything like this extra column
GC> in any existing application we could look at?

 I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this.


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