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Re: [lmi] Intermittent unit-test failure

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: [lmi] Intermittent unit-test failure
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 10:30:40 +0000
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On 2012-06-22 14:12Z, Václav Slavík wrote:
> On 13 Jun 2012, at 13:20, Greg Chicares wrote:
>> which calls CreateProcessA() and WaitForSingleObject(); is there a flaw
>> in the way those msw functions are used?
> FWIW, I don't see any myself. 
> You don't check for failures of any of the win32 calls in there,
> it would be interesting to know if anything failed. I couldn't
> check it myself, because I can't reproduce the problem, neither
> on Win7 nor XP, compiled with MSVC nor g++.

I tested the return codes of those system calls, but that wasn't
directly helpful because the error is that 'grep' succeeds when
it should fail.

Results are as expected if I change the unit test so that it
invokes an msw-native port of 'grep' by absolute pathname.
Occasional failures arise when invoking Cygwin's 'grep' through
CreateProcess(), but perhaps that is not expected to be robust;
I won't worry about it, because our end users aren't invoking
any Cygwin programs through lmi.

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