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Re: [lmi] [PATCH] Add undisplayable_exception

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: [lmi] [PATCH] Add undisplayable_exception
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2014 14:26:46 +0000
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On 2014-10-09 19:00Z, Greg Chicares wrote:
> Just one small question. Is there a reason why this extraordinary
> exception class should derive from std::runtime_error rather than
> from std::exception?

I assume that's okay, because std::exception declares all the same
functions that its standard derived classes implement (except for
the explicit ctor that takes a std::string argument), and the new
class's definition completely parallels that of std::runtime_error
[C++2003 19.1.6].

In report_exception(), I preferred to write the wx_test_exception
handler first, to emphasize its extraordinariness. I don't think
that has any practical effect: I just moved it before the handler
for hobsons_choice_exception, and those two exception types are
mutually exclusive.

Otherwise, I think the foundation for your large pending wx_test
patch is complete, so please post it here (or to my personal
address) when you're ready, and I'll commit it immediately without
modification as long as it affects only wx_test[EXEEXT] and passes
'make check_concinnity'.

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