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Re: [lmi] wx_test: output strings truncated to one character

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: [lmi] wx_test: output strings truncated to one character
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 15:20:07 +0000
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On 02/10/2016 01:08 PM, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Feb 2016 12:57:05 +0000 Greg Chicares <address@hidden> wrote:
>  This is bad because it seems to imply that only optimized code misbehaves
> somewhere and this could well be a bug in the optimizer. On an off chance
> that the build was somehow broken due to the PCH file corruption before,
> would you mind rebuilding with --disable-precomp-headers but without
> --enable-debug to check if it changes anything?

I reran 'install_wx.make' with '--disable-precomp-headers' but without
any "debug" configure flag. This rebuilds and reinstalls wx completely.
I didn't do anything with wxPdfDoc, and didn't recompile lmi. Result:

/opt/lmi/bin[0]$./wx_test.exe --ash_nazg --data_path=/opt/lmi/data
pure virtual method called
NOTE: starting the test suite
a: started
About dialog version string is "2".
time=11ms (for a)
a: ok
b: started
time=0ms (for b)
b: ok
c: started
time=1608ms (for c)
c: ok
c: started
c: skipped (n)
c: started
time=18ms (for c)
c: ok
c: started
time=365ms (for c)
c: ok
c: started
time=103ms (for c)
c: ok
c: started
time=334ms (for c)
c: ok
c: started
time=75ms (for c)
c: ok
c: started
time=74ms (for c)
c: ok
c: started
time=145ms (for c)
c: ok
c: started
time=183ms (for c)
c: ok
c: started
time=11ms (for c)
c: ok
d: started
d: skipped (n)
d: started
d: skipped (n)
e: started
Expiry dates: begin=2, end=2
time=0ms (for e)
e: ok
i: started
In file ../include/wx/msw/private.h at line 834: 'UnregisterClass' failed with 
error 0x00000584 (class still has open windows.).

So it once again terminates abnormally (with a messagebox), which it
didn't do with the '--enable-debug
' wx build; but it does not segfault
as it formerly did.

Let me try rebuilding lmi, just to see what happens:

/lmi/src/lmi[0]$make clean
/lmi/src/lmi[0]$make $coefficiency install check_physical_closure >../log 2>&1

Now I rerun
  /opt/lmi/bin[1]$./wx_test.exe --ash_nazg --data_path=/opt/lmi/data
and the results are the same as above. (I captured both and diffed
them; the timing statistics changed, but nothing else did.)

>  And if the bug does reappear, even with --disable-precomp-headers, when
> you remove --enable-debug, the next step would be to use
> --enable-debug_info instead which should still trigger the bug (as
> optimizations remain in effect with it, unlike with the full
> --enable-debug), but also allow to debug it.

I reran 'install_wx.make', this time with both '--disable-precomp-headers'
and '--enable-debug_info', then reran the GUI test. Same outcome as above.

>  All this is obviously very worrisome because it's a clear regression
> compared to MinGW 3.4, but unfortunately I just can't do much about it from
> here as long as I can't even reproduce the bug :-(

At this point I'm no longer sure: which anomaly are we talking about?
The segfault that I can no longer reproduce? Or the "pure virtual" and
"'UnregisterClass' failed" messages?

Anyway, I think I've travelled this particular path to the end, and now
it's time to update to wx HEAD.

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