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[lmi] Anomalies with wine

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi] Anomalies with wine
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2016 18:08:35 +0000
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Running lmi under wine, thus:

address@hidden:~/.wine/drive_c/opt/lmi/bin$ wine ./lmi_wx_shared.exe \
--ash_nazg --data_path=../data

I do
  File | New | Illustration
and this appears on the console:

In file ../src/msw/toplevel.cpp at line 1207: 'DrawMenuBar' failed
with error 0x00000000 (success.).

Seems kind of strange to fail with a success code. But that's just an
interesting anomaly--not an actual problem. However, then this messagebox
appears twelve times:

Assertion "(0 < day) && (day <= GetNumberOfDays(month, year))" failed
(Invalid date in wxDateTime::Set()).
file ../src/common/datetime.cpp, line 1221]

which is an actual though not insuperable inconvenience.

The 'skin.xrc' tabbed dialog looks good at 96 DPI. The only weird thing
I notice is that "State of jurisdiction" and "Premium tax state" have
a very slight height (while other "state" fields look fine). In order
to fix that, I guess I'll need to look at the enclosing sizers, because
sizeritems that are laid out differently are not materially different:

  <object class="wxComboBox" name="PremiumTaxState">
      <help>State to which premium tax is paid--affects premium load if the tax 
is passed through</help>

  <object class="wxComboBox" name="State">
      <help>Insured state</help>

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