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[lmi] Meaning of wxFLP_FILE_MUST_EXIST

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi] Meaning of wxFLP_FILE_MUST_EXIST
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2016 14:09:11 +0000
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Using lmi HEAD, I can enter a nonexistent file in this control:

  <object class="wxFilePickerCtrl" name="DefaultInputFilename">

and it's accepted--and I like that behavior, because I can
manually type the name of a nonexistent file in order to have
no custom default. I do however think the wx documentation
could be improved.

It says
| Can be combined with wxFLP_OPEN only: the selected file must be an existing 
which isn't necessarily wrong if "selected" means picked in
the popup. It wouldn't hurt to mention that a nonexisting file
name can always be manually typed into the managed text control
(when wxFLP_USE_TEXTCTRL is specified), and will be accepted.

Then it also says
| void wxFilePickerCtrl::SetPath(const wxString & filename)     
| Sets the absolute path of the currently selected file.
| This must be a valid file if the wxFLP_FILE_MUST_EXIST style was given.
I think the last sentence is incorrect and should be deleted.
This lmi code calls SetPath():

    bool Transfer(transfer_direction td, std::string& data, wxFilePickerCtrl& 
        if(td == from_string_to_control)

and it successfully passes the nonexistent filename I enter.

I would strongly prefer that the code not change. I'm only
saying that the documentation could describe it better.

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