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[lmi] [PATCH] Skin appearance improvements

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: [lmi] [PATCH] Skin appearance improvements
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2016 01:31:59 +0200


 I'm returning to another almost month-old request from this post
http://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/lmi/2016-05/msg00121.html in which you

> Would you mind fixing those apparent errors? And if you can spare the
> time...
>   "single premium": "Policy" listbox should be expanded vertically
>      (there might be one hundred items in this listbox)
>   "coli boli": inconsistent borders between "Corp" and "Agent" tabs
>   "group carveout" skins: "Names" tab labels misaligned with fields
> Those are the glaring UI sins that jump out at me; you may find others.
 All these apparent errors are fixed by https://github.com/vadz/lmi/pull/44
and here are some additional explanations:

 First problem was trivial and I think the patch fixing it
should be uncontroversial.

 The second one is much less clear as the borders are indeed inconsistent
but I don't know which one is correct and which one is wrong. After
examining this skin file, I think the intention was to use 4 pixels for the
outer border and 2 pixels for all internal borders, so I've adjusted all
borders to be consistent with this. As you can see
this has resulted in quite a number of changes -- but less than there would
have been if I had done the converse.

 Also, while I fixed borders in this skin, I didn't touch the other ones,
but there are plenty inconsistencies in those two. I'm not really sure if
it's really important for the different skins to be consistent however, as
I think that end users rarely use more than one. Still, it would arguably
be better to use the same border conventions for all of them and, whatever
is the subjective choice of the borders size, the group carveout skin which
doesn't use any borders at all on its "Names" page is objectively ugly.

 While I was looking at skin_coli_boli.xrc, I also noticed a TODO comment
there which I removed, together with the sizer it was related to, as it
just seemed like such a low hanging fruit

 The third issue, with the "Names" tab also required a lot of changes
because it's just impossible to align items belonging to the different
sizers, so I had to replace two previously used independent sizers with a
single wxFlexGridSizer
I also used this as an opportunity to rearrange the controls in what looks
like a more logical order to me, please see the attached "before" and
"after" screenshots. If you also prefer the new appearance, I think it
should be applied to all the other address entry zones in all the skins,
please let me know if I should do this.

 As for the "other problems" mentioned below: there are many, many other
things I'd like to change in the different skins, but it's going to take
quite some time to do it. So I wonder whether I (a) should do it at all and
(b) if yes, then which skins have the highest priority, i.e. are most
frequently used in practice, so that I could start with them?

 Thanks in advance,

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