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[lmi] Looking for your input concerning possible XRC improvement

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: [lmi] Looking for your input concerning possible XRC improvement
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2023 15:52:13 +0100


 This is somewhat of an unusual request but I'd like to ask for your
feedback, should you have, and wish to provide, any about a possible
addition to XRC that I'm considering to do as described in this post:


In short, I'd like to be able to optionally associate a "feature" (I'd have
called it "variant", but this is already used for something else in the wx
API) to XRC nodes and specify, when loading the XRC file, which features
should be enabled (meaning that the nodes specifying one of these features
would be kept) and not (so that any nodes specifying only the features not
in the set of the enabled ones would be discarded). And as there have been
no replies to the original posts on wx-dev, I plan to go ahead with the
original plan as described in that post.

 While I'd like to do it to simplify things for another project I'm
involved with, I think this might be potentially useful to lmi too, e.g. I
have a suspicion that multiple skin files might actually be replaced by a
single (or at least a reduced number of) file(s) using this mechanism. I'm
not completely sure if this is really the case and even whether you'd be
interested in doing it if it were, but I thought I'd at least ask about it,
so that I could consider any lmi-specific requirements when implementing
support for this.

 But please feel free to completely ignore it if don't think lmi could
benefit of it, the idea is really to give you an opportunity to influence
this API before it's done if you plan to use it, but not at all to waste
your time if you don't (even though, of course, any thoughts or suggestions
you might have would still be very gratefully welcome even if you don't,
but, again, I don't want to burden you with thinking about this unless you
want to).

 Thanks in advance!

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