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[Lordsawar-discuss] Hello Everone, I made a map for LordsAWar!

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Subject: [Lordsawar-discuss] Hello Everone, I made a map for LordsAWar!
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 20:54:09 +0100

Hello Everyone,

Long time ago I play Warlords II, and like it.

Recently I have found your fantastic remake: LordsAWar!

But... there is lack for epic map to play.

So I made map by my self and now I want to share with everyone.

I don't know where I can share this, so I send this mail.

I name it

SEVEN ISLANDS REALM, its easy to play with computer-players, lots of adventures etc ;-)

brief info:

(S.B. v.0.3.2)


in a game with 8 players there are about 40 turns to be won;

# 46 cities (+3 non-production, +5 burned to ashes), 42 ruins, 16 temples, 11 ports, 50 items, 35 rewards;

# there are 7 islands;

  * 4 of them are standard islands with capital cities,
  * 3 special islands:
    - miner island (3 towns with no production, higher income);
    - academy island (4 sanctuar
ies - strength-enhancing monasteries-convents);
    - treasure island (lots of ruins);

# there are no option for "buy production", and no city with flying army;

# ruins are not guarded by any monsters,
there is no risk of been defeated. You can find gold, allies (in groups of 2 or 3), items (regular, not much special, not much powerful);

each player have equal chances, but the biggest challenge to win is Sirians, Gray Dwarves;

* cities have only one productions, capital usually with strongest productions,
close cities with also strong prod., other cities with only pikemans (2 str.), two lonely cities with specials;

* each island
have port or port-cities;

inhabited islands have 1 or 2 temples;

# there are
several different ways to win, the most epic is explore ruins before other players where you can find flying allies;

# on
the largest island are 2 kingdoms for players, one ancient abandon kingdom (lots of ruins) and one burnt-to-ashes old kingdom (with port city at south)


about me: 
Czarek Kozak, live in Poland, Lublin city, IT nerd you can tell

ps sory for my english ;)


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