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Re: [Ltib] Can LTIB compile just one single module without recompiling w

From: David Wolfe
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Can LTIB compile just one single module without recompiling whole kernel???
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 09:51:42 -0400
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I have a problem similar to the OP, i.e., I need to patch the kernel
sources before building, and would like to accomplish this in one step
for an automated nightly build.

From what I can tell, I first need to do something like the following:

  ltib -p kernel -m prep
  [Modify kernel sources as desired]
  ltib -p kernel -m patchmerge

This creates a patch named something like 'kernel-2.6.31.tar.gz', and
another file named ''.  I'm not entirely sure where
to put these, but I gather that---if I put them in the correct place---I
should be able to run something like:

  ltib --preconfig=config/platform/imx/defconfig --batch

and everything will be patched and built without ever prompting?

Is this the basic idea?  Can anyone tell me where I should put that
patch archive and file?  /opt/freescale won't exist when this
command is run, so I guess I need to put them in ltib/pkgs(?)  I'm
trying this right now...

On 9/2/2010 2:26 AM, Quentin YANG wrote:
Hi Stuart,

I am a bit confused now.

If keeping kernel source un-packed, how do I modify the 'spidev.c' source code?

The only thing I can think of is modifying 'spidev.c' and then zip it back into
"X:\lpc3250\ltib-qs\rpm\SOURCES\linux-2.6.34.tar.bz2" before running a
new build ' ./ltib '

Not sure is this what you suggested?
Please advise.


On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 5:32 AM, Stuart Hughes<address@hidden>  wrote:
Hi Quentin,

No, I would not recommend moving stuff out of the kernel and into a
separate package.  If it's already in the kernel leave it there.

A re-build of the un-packed kernel source should be quick, a minute or
so once you've built it once.

Regards, Stuart

Quentin YANG wrote:
Thanks. Stuart.

So, similar like what we've done for 'helloworld' module.
" X:\lpc3250\ltib-qs\rpm\BUILD\hello_mod-1.2\"

I need to copy 'spidev.c/h' to a folder, say "
X:\lpc3250\ltib-qs\rpm\BUILD\spidev_mod\ ", and remove all
unpacked kernel source codes under "
X:\lpc3250\ltib-qs\rpm\BUILD\linux-2.6.34\ ".

I'll give it a go.


On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 8:06 PM, Stuart Hughes<address@hidden>  wrote:
Hi Quentin,

If you leave the kernel source unpacked (there's an option for this),
then the re-compiles should be quick, as only the module and a bit of
house-keeping is done.

Regards, Stuart

Quentin YANG wrote:

I am modifying a module driver 'spidev.c'

I already settled the kernel to use this as a module driver and,
compiling it together with the kernel, it runs ok.

To save time, I am wondering can LTIB compile 'spidev module' without
re-compiling the whole kernel. ( Takes 2 or 3 minutes each compile
with a tiny module source code change ).

Can anyone advise me how to get LTIB to compile a single module only?
(Only saw single package compile in LTIB -help)

Thanks very much.


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