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[Ltib] multiple TSEC's in u-boot

From: Charles Krinke
Subject: [Ltib] multiple TSEC's in u-boot
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 14:23:07 -0700

This is really a u-boot question, but I am searching for a few ideas to get me past my current block.

I have a new board with both TSEC's connected to PHY's. I am able to get both interfaces working in Linux and now wish to go back and make them work in u-boot.

I have modified tsec.c to consider the additional PHY and I can see via printf statements that it is discovering the PHY.

But, .... whenever I ping from u-boot, it always uses TSEC0 and never TSEC1.

I try setting "ethact=TSEC1" and "ethprim=TSEC1", but u-boot seems stuck on using TSEC0.

An idea or two to move forward would be greatly appreciated.


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