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RE: [Ltib] Upgread Linux 2.6.27 to linux 2.6.34

From: Kevin Wells
Subject: RE: [Ltib] Upgread Linux 2.6.27 to linux 2.6.34
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 17:52:11 +0200


Hi Amit,


The and 2.6.34 ports should support suspend to mem operation. Neither supports

suspend to disk, at least it hasn’t been tested. On the Phytec board, you can even press the

BTN1 key to wakeup to the board from suspend.






Subject: [Ltib] Upgread Linux 2.6.27 to linux 2.6.34


I am new in Linux. I am working on phytec 3250 board ARM 9 and it support Linux 2.6.27.
   I am using LTIB for making kernel image. 
I want to make support my BSP linux for hibernation  but no hibernation patch available for Linux 2.6.27 so i want to upgrade my version .
Higher version support hibernation (Suspend to Disk).
is this possible ?? and how ??

Amit Garg

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