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[Ltib] Build results for 20101015

From: autobuilder
Subject: [Ltib] Build results for 20101015
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 06:02:58 -0400

BSP package build failures on Sun Oct 17 09:40:27 2010 GMT from skywalker
start time end time elapsed
Fri Oct 15 23:03:01 2010 GMT Sun Oct 17 09:40:27 2010 GMT 124646 seconds
For full build results and other information click here and then navigate to Resources/Autobuilder Results
KEY: x : Failed, failed last time, + : Failed, new failure, - : Changed from fail to pass
Package ep93xximx31adsmpc5200mpc82xxmpc8349itxmpc8548cdsphy3250qs875s
DirectFB     x  
DirectFB-examples     x  
btcs  x     
e2fsprogs   x    
iozonex      x
kernel-2.6.23-mpc8548     x  
microwindowsxx    x 
nss-mdnsx      x
peak-linux-driver  x     
rpmx      x
samba       x
util-linux   x    

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