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RE: [Ltib] "Variant" platform builds

From: Lunceford, Bruce
Subject: RE: [Ltib] "Variant" platform builds
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 17:04:48 -0700

Thanks Stuart.
So to batch-build multiple sub-platforms, I am still looking at iterating 
through the sub-platform configuration files within the plat dir. There is no 
need to have a clean LTIB dir for each of them but perhaps it wouldn't hurt to 
do a clean/dist clean operation first?


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Subject: Re: [Ltib] "Variant" platform builds

Hi Bruce,

There's an option to ltib called:
        --selectype   : run the sub-platform configuration and build

Basically this lets you select between named defconfigs (which you can

To implement this, you need to create a file in your platform called:

There's an example for the  A&MLtd Adder MPC875 PowerPC board, take a
look in config/platform/qs875s/preconfigs.lkc and it should be fairly
self explanatory.

To get a better idea, check out a fresh copy of LTIB and run it and
select this board, you'll find you get into the preconfigs screen by
default on the first run (subsequently you need the option --selectype).
 You will see this:

                  (X) default config (glibc)
                  ( ) default config (uClibc)
                  ( ) minimal config (uClibc)

Regards, Stuart

Lunceford, Bruce wrote:
> Hi. I'm new to the list but not so new to LTIB.
> I am looking at having multiple builds of one platform. So no need to
> select a new plat in the configuration but we may select a different
> kernel config, bootloader config, list of packages etc for the final
> file system image.
> Another need for this is to allow different startup configuration
> files/scripts for variations of hardware that are still supported under
> the main platform configuration. This would allow for one major platform
> version with multiple configuration variations. This should minimize
> what needs to be versioned/tracked.
> I would create a spec file for each "variant".
> I'd like to know if anyone out there has dealt with this and if I'm on
> the right track for implementing this.
> Bruce
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