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RE: [Ltib] "Variant" platform builds

From: seh
Subject: RE: [Ltib] "Variant" platform builds
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 07:50:18 -0400
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Hi Bruce,

If you intend to run only in batch mode, you can skip the
--selectype/preconfigs.lkc and just save off the configs you want (to your

You can the run them in batch mode with (from memory):

./ltib --batch --preconfig config/platform/_target_/config_file_name

If you switch configurations, ltib will detect this and do the appropriate
cleanup off the rootfs area before it continues.

Note that LTIB caches the rpms it builds along with other settings and so
if you swap back again, it won't need to rebuild the packages again (just

Regards, Stuart

> Thanks Stuart.
> So to batch-build multiple sub-platforms, I am still looking at
> through the sub-platform configuration files within the plat dir. There
> no need to have a clean LTIB dir for each of them but perhaps it
> hurt to do a clean/dist clean operation first?
> Bruce
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> From: Stuart Hughes [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 12:08 PM
> To: Lunceford, Bruce
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> Subject: Re: [Ltib] "Variant" platform builds
> Hi Bruce,
> There's an option to ltib called:
>         --selectype   : run the sub-platform configuration and build
> Basically this lets you select between named defconfigs (which you can
> To implement this, you need to create a file in your platform called:
>         config/platform/_target_/preconfigs.lkc
> There's an example for the  A&MLtd Adder MPC875 PowerPC board, take a
look in config/platform/qs875s/preconfigs.lkc and it should be fairly
self explanatory.
> To get a better idea, check out a fresh copy of LTIB and run it and
select this board, you'll find you get into the preconfigs screen by
default on the first run (subsequently you need the option --selectype).
>  You will see this:
>                   (X) default config (glibc)
>                   ( ) default config (uClibc)
>                   ( ) minimal config (uClibc)
> Regards, Stuart
> Lunceford, Bruce wrote:
>> Hi. I'm new to the list but not so new to LTIB.
>> I am looking at having multiple builds of one platform. So no need to
select a new plat in the configuration but we may select a different
kernel config, bootloader config, list of packages etc for the final
file system image.
>> Another need for this is to allow different startup configuration
files/scripts for variations of hardware that are still supported under
the main platform configuration. This would allow for one major
>> version with multiple configuration variations. This should minimize
what needs to be versioned/tracked.
>> I would create a spec file for each "variant".
>> I'd like to know if anyone out there has dealt with this and if I'm on
the right track for implementing this.
>> Bruce
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