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[Ltib] Location Of Kernel config Files

From: Harry Goldschmitt
Subject: [Ltib] Location Of Kernel config Files
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 09:56:34 -0700

A colleague and I have been trying to figure out where the kernel .config file is stored in ltib. We are currently using several ltib configuration files, and have modified the kernel config using ltib. We can’t seem to find a relationship between the file name we save the ltib configuration to and the files that appear to have the kernel configuration changes we have made.


For example we change the ltib configuration via the menus and save the configuration as main.cfg, which gets saved as config/platform/imx/main.cfg. Where is the corresponding kernel config saved. Is it just in the Linux build directory as .config?


Harry Goldschmitt

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