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[Ltib] memory map for Embedded Artists LPC3250 boards

From: casper iway
Subject: [Ltib] memory map for Embedded Artists LPC3250 boards
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 21:25:25 +0800

hello guy, it just get into my mind. i am curious about how linux images loaded in the SDRAM.
I already know that Kickstart and S1L loader are loaded in IRAM during startup and then S1L is responsible for loading U-boot in SDRAM. What i don't know is if the whole Kernel and Root Filesystem will be loaded in SDRAM too?

I think the whole kernel maybe loaded in the RAM, but for Root Filesystem, i don't think so, since it is too big or varying. If that's the case, what particular programs/application from Root Filesystem is loaded in RAM? Anyway to determine it?

Can anyone clear my thoughts about this things? My goal is basically i want to know how much RAM is used after loading Linux OS on the board? And what particular programs or applications are using the RAM the first time the OS is loaded if possible?
Is there a good way to determine this? any Linux application or something?

Hope someone could help. Thanks in advance.


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