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[Ltib] Custom Toolchain Selection

From: CN, Harsha SISPL
Subject: [Ltib] Custom Toolchain Selection
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 11:35:27 +0530



I am using ltib for building bootloader, kernel and rootfs for IMX51 board, I have selected the custom tool chain option in the ltib config menu and provided the path for the custom tool chain.


Custom tool chain is the new arm-none-linux-gnueabi tool chain released by code sourcery with gcc version as 4.4.1, when I build the kernel I get error such as ‘Error: selected processor does not support `cpsie i', according to code sourcery it is the problem with the kernel which is passing -march=armv5 as the argument, can someone help me as to where is this argument passed in ltib?
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