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[Ltib] Ltib skip dbus package

From: joel . zhou
Subject: [Ltib] Ltib skip dbus package
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 17:02:11 +0200


ltib version:ltib-10-1-1a-sv
config platform:CONFIG_PLATFORM_lpd7a404=y

When using ltib built rootfs for LogicPD ZOOM dev kit, I found that "dbus" and 
"expat" are selected, but only expat was built.

I have did a distclean and removed rpm/BUILD.
Do you have any idea why ltib skip dbus from build?

I check the ltib/config/platform/lpd7a404/.config, both of them are there:

The build was succeeded, but dbus was skipped.


Processing platform: Logic PD LPD7A404 board
using config/platform/lpd7a404/.config

Processing: fake-provides

Processing: skell

Processing: dev

Processing: base_libs

Processing: busybox

Processing: libtermcap

Processing: zlib

Processing: ncurses

Processing: dropbear

Processing: expat

Processing: alsa-lib

Processing: alsa-utils

Processing: dhcp
Build path taken because: directory build, 
checking if sources have been updated: no

Processing: sysconfig

Processing: merge

Processing: modeps

Started: Fri Oct 29 10:57:17 2010
Ended:   Fri Oct 29 10:57:20 2010
Elapsed: 3 seconds

Build Succeeded

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