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Re: [Ltib] nb31xx platform patch for review

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] nb31xx platform patch for review
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 14:48:46 +0000
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Hi Miguel,

I don't think patch preserves permissions when you apply the patch.

As long as you let me know which files need specific permissions, then
when I check them into CVS I'll make sure they're set.

BTW: if at all possible, avoid merge files (I know it's not always
possible though)

Regards, Stuart

Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo wrote:
> Hmm, I have noticed that all shell scripts in the merge directory (and
> the one I added to bin)
> got the execution permissions lost.  Newbie question: Is there some way
> to make a patch that
> keeps all the +x permissions on shell scripts?
> El 12/11/2010 14:09, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo escribió:
>> The first patch is here:
>> And I have a couple of doubts:
>>    1) I have included a new script command in bin/ for the ltib
>> platform, it's called "" Is it ok?
>> it's meant to mount a rootfs.ext2.gz image using a loop device, and
>> making a copy to an SD card, for
>> systems that have root filesystem on SD card.
>>    2) Under the nb31xx directory I've setup some binary files that
>> will be copied to the lib/firmware directory
>> of the platform, all of them are for running wireless devices over USB.
>>         Should we setup a separate package? or keep those files out of
>> ltib main site?, is ist already in some package?
>>    I think that's all :)
>> Thanks again!

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