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[Ltib] Problem using buildbot and --preconfig

From: Peter Barada
Subject: [Ltib] Problem using buildbot and --preconfig
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 12:21:50 -0500
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I'm trying to setup buildbot to build LTIB, and have the bot checkout LTIB then execute:

./ltib -b --preconfig config/platform/omap3logic/defconfig

Where the omap3logic platform and checked in defconfig work fine for me on other hosts. I don't believe hte problem is with buildbot, but the machine environment its trying to build in. I've gotten through all the host tools construction w/o error.

The problem I'm running into is that rpm can't open the index files. It goes through and creates .config, then:

Processing platform: Logic OMAP35x reference boards
using config/platform/omap3logic/.config
error: cannot open Packages index using db3 - Permission denied (13)
/opt/ltib/usr/bin/rpm --root /home/buildslave/BuildBot/ltib-20091102/full/build\ /rootfs --dbpath /var/lib/rpm -qa --queryformat '%{name} ' at ./ltib line 2025.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Peter Barada

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