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[Ltib] mtd-utils and kernel 2.6.33

From: Bruce
Subject: [Ltib] mtd-utils and kernel 2.6.33
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 10:36:09 -0800

Hey all,
I'm reading that the newer kernel with newer mtd require... yes a newer mkfs.jffs2 (mtd-utils) to construct the rootfs.jffs2 file. 
I don't have a problem pulling the latest mtd-utils and fitting it into my local build but I don't quite get how the host mtd-tools are installed and how to just have ltib build that one. Do I need to do a full distclean and re-run ltib to include my updated mtd-utils package?

I see ltib/config/platform/host/pkg_map seems to set which one to use for the host install. Of course there's another pkg_map file for the specific platform I can set to use the same package.

Currently there are a couple spec files:

The 2006 file is for the host and the other is for the target. I'd add a separate file for the newer tools...

This all has to do with the NAND flash chip we are using: "Micron 29F4G08AAC 8-bit 2K page 512MB (4Gb) SLC nand"
It wasn't supported by the distribution we started with.


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