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[Ltib] Re: Files/folders under ltib/rootfs/dev/ were not packed into roo

From: Quentin YANG
Subject: [Ltib] Re: Files/folders under ltib/rootfs/dev/ were not packed into rootfs.jffs2
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 15:30:32 +1100

Hi there,

I found the whole issue might to do with most recent './ltib '
release. As I did ' -cvs update ' a couple of days ago.

With current  ' ./ltib '. Once I enable 'CONFIG_PKG_MDEV=y' and '
CONFIG_SYSCFG_START_MDEV=y ', the 'missing files/folders under
/rootfs/dev/' problem appeared. It can be reproduced quite easily.

In all my previous build before I updated './ltib', MDEV was always
enabled to automatically detect Sierra 3G USB modem.

Can someone suggest what I should do or is there anyone come accross
the same problem?

I attached two Ltib config files I used, and the Linux boot up console print.

Thanks and look forward to your help.


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