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[Ltib] Gnash support for ltib

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: [Ltib] Gnash support for ltib
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 12:09:04 -0700
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I've mostly beat Gnash into building for ltib. You can get the
additional packages and spec files for all the additional dependencies
from: Some I just lifted
from CVS, most of the tweaking was for libpng, boost, and gnash. I also
modified the config menu, so it all builds nice and clean.

Gnash is of course, the GNU flash player, and is popular for embedded
user interfaces, as flash makes a good animation creation environment
for snazzy GUIs.

It'll also handle YouTube if you build ffmpeg or gstreamer. Currently
it's using software rendering via AGG, so the streaming video
performance isn't super great, even at 800Mhz. I'm working on an OpenVG
and OpenGLES2 renderers, which should help with video performance when
complete. You can also use Cairo as a renderer, but to do so you need to
run the full GTK with X11 support, instead of running in a framebuffer.

        - rob -

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