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[lwip-commits] lwip/src/arch FILES 6502/README 6502/lib_arch.c...

From: Leon Woestenberg
Subject: [lwip-commits] lwip/src/arch FILES 6502/README 6502/lib_arch.c...
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 08:18:42 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/lwip
Module name:    lwip
Changes by:     Leon Woestenberg <address@hidden>       03/01/29 08:18:41

Removed files:
        src/arch       : FILES 
        src/arch/6502  : README lib_arch.c sys_c64.c 
        src/arch/6502/include/arch: cc.h cpu.h lib.h perf.h sys_arch.h 
        src/arch/c16x  : FILES lib.c perf.c sys_arch.c 
        src/arch/c16x/include/arch: cc.h cpu.h lib.h perf.h sys_arch.h 
        src/arch/c16x/include/netif: cs8900if.h 
        src/arch/c16x/netif: cs8900if.c 
        src/arch/msvc6/include/arch: bpstruct.h cc.h cpu.h epstruct.h 
                                     init.h lib.h perf.h sys_arch.h 
        src/arch/rtxc  : lib.c perf.c sys_arch.c 
        src/arch/rtxc/include/arch: cc.h cpu.h init.h lib.h perf.h 
        src/arch/rtxc/include/netif: cs8900if.h sioslipif.h 
        src/arch/rtxc/netif: FILES sioslipif.c 
        src/arch/unix  : lwip_chksum.c perf.c sys_arch.c 
        src/arch/unix/include/arch: cc.h cpu.h init.h lib.h perf.h 
        src/arch/unix/include/netif: delif.h dropif.h fifo.h pcapif.h 
                                     sio.h tapif.h tcpdump.h tunif.h 
        src/arch/unix/netif: delif.c fifo.c list.c pcapif.c sio.c 
                             tapif.c tcpdump.c tunif.c unixif.c 
        src/arch/v2pro : lib_arch.c 
        src/arch/v2pro/include/arch: cc.h cpu.h lib.h perf.h sys_arch.h 
        src/arch/v2pro/include/netif: xemacif.h 
        src/arch/v2pro/netif: xemacif.c 

Log message:
        Removed the src/arch tree from the lwip module. (Now in seperate 
contrib module).

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