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[lwip-commits] Re: FREE LICENSE BUNDLING Historic Significant Next Gener

From: Laconsults
Subject: [lwip-commits] Re: FREE LICENSE BUNDLING Historic Significant Next Generation TCP onto IwIP ...
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 15:43:13 EDT

In a message dated 01/10/2005 20:39:39 GMT Daylight Time, Laconsults writes:

RE : PATENT LICENSE BUNDLING Historic Significant Next Generation TCP patent technology breakthroughs onto IwIP TCP  : not a single packet/s transmitted ever gets dropped &all packets each arrive with PSTN transmissions quality worldwide

TCP researchers Interested in collaborating to free license bundle Historic Significant Next Generation TCP onto  IwIP TCP , please email address@hidden implementation details &guide ( just simple few lines of modifications required on existing WATTCP source codes , immeditely enabling not a single packet/s transmitted to be ever dropped &all packets each arrive at destination with PSTN transmissions quality worldwide )

first visit http://iwxchange.com for some earlier developed technologies details, or Google search ' IWXChange '

Look forward to hear from you to begin collaborations.

Thank you,
EMail : address@hidden


Sawtoth vs Pause : TCP Accelerator SAN Storage Area Network New Patent Groundbreaking Technology

08-20-05 10:50 PM

Please Note : this next pending NextGenTCP release is now increment
deployable &TCP friendly

the next release of one-click self installing NextGen TCP upgrade
software is increment deployable on any Linux/ Window PC , with
immediate immense benefits even if yours is the only PC worldwide using
NextGen TCP : moreover where subsequently  there exists a majority of
PCS within any geographical Internet subset/s using NextGenTCP, the
data transmissions within the subset/s could become same as PSTN
transmissions quality even for other non-adopters !

appended here some backgrounds on our increment deployable TCP friendly
NextGen TCP patent technologies, this could generates tens of billions
revenues together with corporations with pre-eminent innovative
marketplace reputations, like hand-in-glove..

see also , for the published PCT material related to the technology (
Note : there are further as yet unpublished patent filings on 100% SAN
link utiklisation &other improvements :


Publication info: WO2005053265 - 2005-06-09

if some tech corporations were asked a year ago to write a Million
dollar research cheque finding a solution to the TCP Accelerator
issues, they will be mightiliy please if guaranteed any sort of results
even if not know what the solution might even be.

The Swedish http://blue2net.com  corporation's CEO Founder recently
paid one of our Directors to Stockholm, &our NextGenTCP Video was
successfully reproduced first time attempted on their own provided

he was there in person to see the first time successful presentations
on their own provided laptops.

he thought we could be Moses &push us for same NextGenTCP that works
immediately over public external Internet so he can use PSTN quality
VoIP over external Internet !  Ha Ha !

strange, didnt think so at the time, but we are now getting there
....starting with this most recent  constant 100% TCP link utilisation
throughput  over external Internet patent... could  further be adapted
into PSTN quality real time over external Internet in this next pending
software release...

EMail : address@hidden

address@hidden wrote:
>TCP Accelerator SAN Storage Area Network New
>Patent Groundbreaking Technology company : making existing persistent
>vexing throughputs problems on LFN long distance high latencies /
>Inter-Continental Public Internet SAN Storage Data Transfers now ' a
>complete past history '
>the graph here looks ' very beautiful ' .... like money written all
>over it , when It was first successfully produced in tests (
>http://members.aol.com/laconsults/SquareWave  )
>Swiss Cottage, UK
>EMail : address@hidden
>a new breakthrough is achieved with new TCP ' SQUARE-WAVE ' constant
>100% link's bandwidth utilisation throughout( see Ethereal IO-Graph
>http://members.aol.com/laconsults/SquareWave  )
>we are now focused with our developers to adapt our technology for some
>high profile organisations here in UK.
>at present costs big companies US$50K -100K deploying latest state of
>art TCP accelerator software ' which werent even all that good in
>physical link's bandwidth utilisations improvements ( awfull ! but even
>worse without ) . This market is worth tens of billions annually.
>test results on the adapted software's ( ie adapting the now well
>established NextGenTCP's ' Pause ' new breakthrough technology ) : very
>effective ' constant near 100% throughput ' as is seen in the ethereal
>IO-Graph's ' Square Wave Signal Form compared to usual ' zagged see-saw
>' forms constantly fluctuating between 0% &100% seriously wasting
>This Patent now totally removes all ' public Internet congestions drops
>' and BER ( physical transmissions bit error rates , especially high in
>Satellites/ Mobile 3G ) and all RTT latencies effects . Typical Asia
>Internet Drop rates is 40% ! North America 5% , even 1% public Internet
>drop rates equates to 50% bandwidth utilisation / throughputs
>reductions. See http://internettrafficreport.com  ( UK to Singapore
>typical droprates is 5% hence not even meaningful trying to do branch
>data back-up to Singapore at all , UK to Japan typically 10% drop rates
>) . The existing well documented persistent vexing problems associated
>with throughputs problems on all long distance high latencies Long Fat
>Network ( LFN ) , has now been made ' history ' with this
>groundbreaking new patent technology.
>SAN providers/ innovators interested in collaboration developments
>please email us for complete technology disclosures.
>The industrial strength commercial software should be ready soon , no
>other TCP accelerators can even come close ( &recently there were
>several TCP accelerator start-ups acquired by big players for billions
>dollars each , &they weren't even in our league )

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