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[lwip-commits] [SCM] UNNAMED PROJECT annotated tag, STABLE-2_0_0_RC1, cr

From: Simon Goldschmidt
Subject: [lwip-commits] [SCM] UNNAMED PROJECT annotated tag, STABLE-2_0_0_RC1, created. STABLE-2_0_0_RC1
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 20:16:47 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "UNNAMED PROJECT".

The annotated tag, STABLE-2_0_0_RC1 has been created
        at  388e1d63a94ae726ee67e644dcd2137f428a3663 (tag)
   tagging  05b79a6da2b5fd99aa26f305e63ff1ce4fd7d57f (commit)
 tagged by  sg
        on  Wed Apr 27 22:16:22 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Corresponds to the same core git rep. tag

Dirk Ziegelmeier (85):
      fixed compiler errors/warnings (mainly IPv6-only)
      try to get unix port to compile for mixed-version/IPv6-only configurations
      temporarily fix compiling unixsim for IPv6-only config
      more compiler warning/Makefile fixes
      Add IPv6 support to unix port and netifx
      unix tapif: add support for IPv6 (only works with preconfigured tapif for 
now - via environment variable PRECONFIGURED_TAPIF)
      Make delif, tapif and simhost compile in IPV4 only, mixed and IPV6 only 
      simhost: Remove duplicate ipv6 link local address creation
      unix port: Use pbuf comfort functions
      tapif, tunif: Use netif API functions instead of accessing stuct netif 
      unix port: Adapt to ip_addr.h API changes (no more _c macros needed)
      unix port: Also adapt PPP code in simhost.c to ip_addr.h API changes
      simhost: Print IPV6 address, use netif status callback for IP output in 
case of DHCP
      simhost: Fix IP addresses are printed twice in case of static IPs
      Adapt to "dns_found_callback should take const IP addr address" API change
      Merge filelists of Win32 mingw and Unix gcc into one file for simplified 
      Activate more features in the unixsim to catch more errors when 
compiling: IPv6, DNS, AutoIP, IGMP, Netif API
      Add example for SNTP core app to simhost
      Add example for NETBIOS NS core app to simhost
      Adapt to SNMP moving/renaming in lwIP
      httpd: Implement using private pools
      Fix compile of private mib example after moving snmp stack
      Fix compile of unix minimal project after moving snmp stack
      Prepare to move httpd to main lwip git repository;
      Move httpserver_raw to main git repository
      Fix merging filelists into one
      Use new Filelists.mk in lwIP directory.
      Solve circular references problem by using --start-group/--end-group.
      Enable private MIB in simhost now circular references problem is solved
      Adapt private MIB example to moved SNMP agent
      Unix port: Cleanup include directories a bit
      Win32 mingw port: Some cleanups in Common.mk (include dirs and library 
assignment of some objects was wrong)
      Fix compile without LWIP_TCP or LWIP_NETCONN
      Fix compile of raw_ping in simhost.c - seems to be unmaintained since a 
longer time -> should we remove it?
      Fix MS Visual projects after moving HTTP server
      Adapt to new SNMPv2c agent
      simhost: Remove unmaintained RAW API ping implementation
      Adapt private MIB example to new SNMP agent API
      Extend private MIB example a bit
      Some SNMP related cleanups
      Add scalar example to private MIB
      unixsim: Run SNMP on netconn API if it is available
      SNMP_PRIVATE_MIB #define is not needed any more
      Init MIB2 thread sync locks when using netconn API
      simhost: Fix compile when IPV4 is not enabled
      Remove bogus const from function signature in lwip_prvmib.c
      Unix port: increase number of UDP PCBs - SNMP IPv6 needs one more PCB
      Fix missing include in minimal/main.c
      Update MSVC project files after SNMP stack rewrite
      Fix compile of MSVC project after SNMP rewrite
      Update MSVC projects after renaming of tcpecho_raw app and adding 
      Win32 port: Remove unmaintained *.vcproj files
      sio.c: Fix partially uninitialized struct members (found by Coverity)
      unixif.c: Fix unsafe string copying (found by Coverity)
      smtp: Cleanup code to save an assert and let Coverity analyze the code 
      tunif.c: Fix ignoring error return values from read(). Found by Coverity.
      tcpecho_raw.c: Fix identical code for different branches. Found by 
      sio.c: Fix ignored fcntl() return values. Found by Coverity.
      tapif.c: Fix possible unterminated string (strncpy). Found by Coverity.
      tapif.c: Fix possible unterminated string (strncpy) for all #ifdefs. 
Found by Coverity.
      simhost.c: Fix possible unterminated string (strncpy). Found by Coverity.
      Add Coverity modeling file
      unixsim: Enable some more code paths just to get them compiled
      Activate another LWIP option in unixsim just to get to code to be compiled
      Fix compile when only IPv6 is enabled
      unixsim: Enable compiling 6LoWPAN
      Some SNMP nodes in private MIB can be constant
      MSVC project: Enable all warnings + (warnings == errors)
      unixsim: Fix compile when DHCP is enabled
      Implement dual IPv4 and IPv6 in udpecho_raw
      Adapt MSVC project to new file ip.c
      Implement dual-stack udpecho (netconn API)
      Implement new-style TCP dual-stack in httpserver-netconn, netio, shell, 
tcpecho and tcpecho_raw
      httpserver-netconn, shell, tcpecho, udpecho: Use new "socket-like" 
netconn API dual-stack implementation
      Resurrect chargen implementation and add it to simhost
      Add netio to simhost
      Port socket_examples.c to IPv6
      Cleanup chargen.c a bit
      lwip_prvmib.c: Use strnlen instead of strlen if possible (fixes nothing, 
just coding style)
      lwip_prvmib: fix compile when SNMP is not enabled
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/lwip/lwip-contrib 
in lwip_prvmib - forgot to pull before making changes
      Add new lwIP files to VisualStudio project
      Let unix check project Makefile to use Filelists.mk
      Fix compile when PPP is not enabled
      Adapt MSVC project to moved pppapi

Edgar Bonet (3):
      SNMP, Missing const qualifier on various mib_node* arrays.
      SNMP, Call snmp_set_syscontact() and snmp_set_syslocation() with 3 
      Unix port: fix --debug option in echop.

Erik Ekman (6):
      Add unit tests for DHCP
      Include core/test_pbuf.c file in build
      Ignore LWIP_PLATFORM_ASSERT when running tests
      unit tests: Add test binary to git ignore
      netbios moved to main git repository
      Make unit tests compile again

Fatih Asici (1):
      httpd: Ignore remaining POST content in case of application error

Jeroen Hofstee (1):
      unix port: added option to use a persistant tap interface

Kieran Mansley (3):
      fix use of inet_chksum_pseudo in unixsim
      Bug34596: set LWIP_TIMEVAL_PRIVATE in unix port
      Bug34596: remove LWIP_TIMEVAL_PRIVATE setting from unix project lwipopts.h

Simon Goldschmidt (69):
      Tried to fix the unix port projects after adding IPv6
      Added IPv6 support to unix tapif driver: patch by Dan Pomohaci, couldn't 
test it, yet :-(
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/lwip/lwip-contrib
      Added my smtp client using the lwIP raw API
      Fixed bug #34170 Memory leak in sntp_send_request() (pbuf used for 
request was sent to udp but never freed)
      Create link-local addresses in all unix projects if LWIP_IPV6==1
      Fix that connections are closed with RST if the HTTP requests didn't fit 
into the first packet (RST would be sent because not all data has been recved 
by the httpd - now we ensure all data has been read by waiting for the first 
double-CRLF before parsing the request)
      Deleted old pktif, since we have a working pcapif
      pcapif: added IPv6 support, use pcap_next() instead of pcap_poll(), 
changed occurrences of the string 'pktif' to 'pcapif'
      VS projects: removed VCWebDeploymentTool (warnings when upgrading), added 
      fixed VS version
      win32 port: added 3 new defines so that I have less local diffs when 
testing, print out link-local-IPv6-address if LWIP_IPV6==1
      httpd + makefsdata:
      Win32 sys_init(): initialize the random seed (or we use the same random 
values for every process)
      pcapif: added the possibility to instantiate more than one pcap driver by 
passing the adapter index as 'state' to netif_add()
      Changed PBUF_POOL_SIZE to not break the sanity checks in init.c
      ping: fixed input pbuf processing when using raw API (check p->tot_len 
before calling pbuf_header)
      Patch by Gisle Vanem: fix Win32 port for MinGW
      sys_now() should work for NO_SYS, too (where sys_init() is not called)
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/lwip/lwip-contrib
      pcapif: remove trailing spaces from adapter names, deleted old (unused) 
      win32 sio.c: added missing function sio_tryread(), fixed COM port usage 
(now it works for me to connect lwIP from win32 to my AVR target using SLIP)
      win32 test: added support for (multiple) SLIP netifs (routing between 
pcap and SLIP works, 2 SLIP netifs can be used for "loopback" SLIP traffic via 
named pipes)
      pcapif_low_level_input: let IPv6-multicast MAC addresses through, 
correctly check IPv4-multicast MAC addresses
      Fixed typos (used pcapif_ instead of pcapifh_)
      Fixed type in define: CUSTUM -> CUSTOM
      - include opt.h as first file (as done in all other C files);
      udpecho: no need netconn_connect, since the netbuf contains the address 
(bug #34921)
      Use C-style comments, not C++ style
      Fixed warnings when assigning time_t to int/u32_t
      Fixed warning about unused http_continue()
      Fixed unix makefiles by adding IPv6 source files to the binary
      Added Makefile to run the unit tests under unix/linux
      httpd: ensure tcp_write() isn't called with len==0
      httpd: use better default values: support HTTP request in up to 5 pbufs 
by default
      sntp: added function sntp_stop() to stop the module, removed the 
(incomplete) socket part.
      unix unit test Makefile: use lwipopts.h from test/unit instead of using 
our own configuration.
      unixsim: change lwipopts.h to not break init.c sanity checks
      httpd: don't shadow globals ('abort' is declared under linux)
      patch #7731 contrib: Add -fPIC to CFLAGS in unix/proj/lib (by Erik Ekman)
      unixif: fixed unused variable warning, replaced tabs with spaces
      Added dhcp unit test to Win32 project
      Fixed bug #36374 makefsdata.exe can't handle files with non-C characters 
(allow only 'A-Z', 'a-z', '0-9' and '_' for C variable names)
      Patch by Sylvain Rochet: Fixed bug #36436: ethernet input flag not set on 
unix proj minimal mintapif
      Fixed bug #36905 SNTP problem with SNTP_STARTUP_DELAY symbol (by adding a 
new optional macro SNTP_STARTUP_DELAY_FUNC)
      bug #37151 HTTP header corrupted in http_post_request
      Fixed compiling tcpdump.c after removing the macro TCPH_OFFSET() (patch 
by Erik Ekman)
      Added missing files (test_pbuf.c/.h)
      ping app: restore original packet if packet is not eaten
      patch #8097 httpd: Return failure if parsing Content-Length fails
      Fixed bug #41498 simhost unix project in lwip-contrib calls netif_init() 
      Fixed bug #39380 Cannot build smtp example when debug is disabled
      Fixed compiler warnings (unused variables)
      Fixed bug #31948 httpd: Improving HTTP Server performance when SSI is 
      httpd: fix that http_write() returns 1 in "length" when not sending 
because of sndbuf/sndqueuelen
      sio.c: fixed printf had more arguments than the format string needed 
(because %d was missing)
      makefsdata: tried to fix another warning from static code analysis
      makefsdata.c: minimal check if given path is OK
      Fixed bug #35874 reserved identifier violation (removed leading 
underscores from header include guards)
      SMTP: Add comment about 'err' checking in connect callback
      Updated win32 example port project to include changed PPP files
      changed win32 project files to MSVC9/Visual C++ 2008 and renamed the 
directory accordingly; added .gitignore to ignore all the MSVC build files
      httpd: fix memory leak when LWIP_HTTPD_SUPPORT_REQUESTLIST==1 and 
connection is closed while trying to parse a request (should not happen on 
correct connections)
      fixed bug #42608 SMTP usage in opening comment swaps sender and receiver
      Fixed bug #41500 SMTP base64 patch
      minor: tcpdump: fixed source code layout
      minor: unix port removed unused define IPv4
      partly applied patch #8357: fix compiler warnings in tcpdump.c

Stephan Linz (13):
      unixsim: add PPPoS Rx thread
      udpecho: fix potential buffer/stack overrun error
      unixsim: fix day of the month calculation
      unixsim: use status callback at all interfaces
      sio: avoid implicit type cast in sio_read/sio_write
      sio: refactoring debug messages
      sio: enable IPv6 support in spawned pppd
      sio: add support for SLIP test interface
      unixsim: add support for SLIP interface
      unixsim: sntp: refactoring system time setup
      apps: tcpecho_raw: rename interface and symbols
      apps: udpecho_raw: add UDP echo server for raw API
      minimal: support UDP echo server

Stian Sebastian Skjelstad (5):
      Set tcp_sent from only one location
      Use pbuf_cat instead of pbuf_chain. This way we get a nice 1->1->1->1 
ref-count chain
      Make one common echo_free() call that both echo_close and echo_error use
      Free the buffer-chain on close, but only then. Some places in the code 
would just remove the link, without calling free/unref
      Should not be needed for the while() loop, since the buffer chain should 
look like 1->2->1->1

Sylvain Rochet (55):
      bugfix #35874 broke the unix SIO port by introducing a include define 
conflict between the stack and the port
      unix port: fixed tcpdump.c syntax
      unix port: simhost example: updated to include changed PPP files
      unixsim: fixed various compiler warnings
      unixsim: port to changed PPP interface
      unixsim: add support for user chosen netmask
      UNIX port, SIO, updated port the way it was intended to be done
      Revert "unixsim: add support for user chosen netmask"
      unixsim: add support for user chosen netmask
      unix port: using valid MAC address on netif
      unixsim: port to changed PPP interface
      win32 port: port to changed PPP interface
      unix port: fix FTB, bug #40245 patches were not properly rebased
      unix port: updated to recent change on const on ip_addr_t pointers
      unix port: unixsim, win32 port: tests, renamed ppp_open to ppp_connect
      unix and win32 ports: updated to recent PPP changes
      all ports: replaced deprecated ip_ntoa() to ipaddr_ntoa()
      apps: smtp: replaced "ip_ntoa" to "ipaddr_ntoa" in assert string
      unix port: adapt to ip_addr_t changes, make them build if LWIP_IPV6 is 
set (task #12722: Improve IPv4/v6 address handling)
      unix port, minimal project: build out everything related to SNMP if 
LWIP_SNMP isn't set
      unix port: added missing netif_set_link_up()/netif_set_up()
      unix port: improve consistency of netif_set_up() calls
      unix port: added missing PPP files
      unix port: tapif: removed rx packet type filtering
      unix port: merge netmask propagation to tap interface feature from tapif 
to mintapif
      unix port: remove trailing spaces in tapif and mintapif
      unix port: trivial two-way merges between tapif and mintapif
      unix port: tapif and mintapif: use snprintf instead of sprintf
      unix port: tapif, mintapif: dual merge of PRECONFIGURED_TAPIF and 
DEVTAP_IF features
      unix port: mintapif: add IPv6 output handler
      unix port: trivial two-way merges between tapif and mintapif
      unix port: tapif: mintapif: reorder includes in order to reduce diff-size 
between tapif and mintapif
      unix port: a bit more of trivial two-way merges between tapif and mintapif
      unix port: tapif: move "NO_SYS" input function from mintapif to tapif
      unix port: port unix port "minimal" project to tapif and remove mintapif
      unix port: delif: only build if NO_SYS is false
      unix port: delif: trivial, code cleaning: add newline add end of file
      unix port: delif: fixed building with IPv6, netif->output prototype update
      smtp: fixed trivial compiler warnings
      unix port: minimal project: updated SNMP to recent changes
      Revert "UNIX port, SIO, updated port the way it was intended to be done"
      unix port: sio: using __sio_fd_t_defined define to overload sio_fd_t with 
our struct
      unix port: unixsim: port to changed PPPoS interface
      win32 port: port to changed PPPoS interface
      ports: better port to changed PPPoS interface
      unix port: sys_arch: removed unused UMAX macro
      .gitignore: added *.so
      unix port: fixed sys_now() return value
      unix port: reworked sys_jiffies() (following the current sys_now() shape)
      unix port: sys_arch: remove sys_jiffies() overflow clamping
      unix port: check: add missing subunit linker library
      unix port: remove unused lwip_chksum.c
      unix port: check: use unix port sys_arch instead of a local minimal 
      unix port: sys_arch: convert to use CLOCK_MONOTONIC
      unix port: adapted to moved header files

cborrelli (17):
      removed unused file lib.h
      initial check-in - for generating a stand-alone library; requires Xilinx 
EDK libraries
      added perf_init function declaration
      changes to account for updated Xilinx drivers in the Xilinx Embedded 
Development Kit (EDK);  also changes to sync up with the latest etharp changes
      adding perf_init function; empty for now
      initial check-in
      changes to meet EDK structure requirements.  must put lwIP source under 
the edkproj/code/liblwip/ directory, or change variables to point to location
      added BYTE_ORDER define
      added XEmacIf_Config struct.  this will be initialized by the EDK tools 
during the generation of the library.  at run-time, the application will step 
through a table of these XEmacIf_Config entries and add a netif for each entry.
      changed return type of xemacif_init from void to err_t
      updates to use the XEmacIf_Config arrary that EDK now builds from the 
hardware description
      initial check-in
      added license header
      use make instead of gmake to support xygwin
      removed commented-out code for interrupts; this was old code that will no 
longer work with the current structure
      changed requirements for v2pro port
      fixed type warning; call to etharp_arp_input

christiaans (45):
      Fixed frame pad size and compiler warning.
      Some build fixes for OpenBSD.
      Increased availability by removing TCP active-close show-stopper. Leaving 
pbuf memory leak in for now.
      Rewrite using raw API, not stable yet.
      Disabled debug output, renamed executable.
      Fixed pbuf leak, improved echo_send() throughput.
      A few small build fixes for unixsim.
      Made util.h depend on openbsd, to fix linux build.
      Introduced cc.h formatters.
      Introduced cc.h formatters.
      Removed comma at enumeration tail, avoiding warnings.
      Small optimalization for cs8900_input().
      Fixed packet buffer length to eth header plus payload.
      Fixed missing MTU setting in netif initialisation. Related to bug #15659.
      Added tcp_tmr() and ip_reass_tmr(). Timers are required for correct 
      Removed tabs, added netconn_close().
      Undo of previous commit. Timers should be fixed in seq API instead.
      Added hint for linux device node.
      Added IP fragmentation and etharp_tmr service.
      cs8900_output() Moved 32bit sent_bytes addition outside output loop.
      Added -pedantic switch.
      More agressive speed optimalisation of cs8900_input(), reading 4 words 
per input loop iteration.
      Added LWIP_PLATFORM_BYTESWAP inlines.
      Fixed LWIP_STATS defined test to value test.
      Added command line options for debug and ping output.
      Disabled ARP table update on ingress IP packets.
      Fixed rxtx_num size from u16_t to u32_t as reported by Uwe Roth.
      Fixed inet_aton() struct in_addr warning and silenced debug output when 
not selected by --debug.
      Fixed cold case bug #1748, printing of mem_size_t and u16_t statistics.
      Changed broken select() timeout based timers into setitimer() timers.
      Added cmd line options for setting ip, netmask and gateway.
      Fixed missing malloc return value checks.
      Added stddef include for NULL macro for linux build.
      Changed SNMP macro glue, passing netif arg.
      Fixed missing netif->ts init.
      Enabled LWIP_SNMP for development in the 'minimal' example.
      Enabled SNMP debugging, new region of interest.
      Optimized htonl() for speed.
      Added getopt as in unixsim and elaborated SNMP init sequence.
      Updated author contact details.
      Initial commit.
      Added lwip_prvmib.c, an example for a simple private SNMP MIB 
      Exterminate warnings. Changed 64 bit arith into 32 bit and output fmt 
from decimal to hex.
      Replaced tabs with space.
      Fixed initial clearing of collisions counter.

chrysn (4):
      unix mintapif: perror fix
      unix mintapif: added option to use a persistant tap interface
      add README file to the unix port to give overview
      unix port: rename archtecture defines (linux -> LWIP_UNIX_LINUX)

davidhaas (19):
      Added lightweight protection. In coldfire this is implemented by disabling
      Example lwipopt file for coldfire
      Add the following features and bugfixes:
      sys_thread_new() now returns the thread (request from Marc Boucher).
      Fix some compile issues with both coldfire and unix builds.
      Made sys_arch_prot() interface more generic by returning sys_prot_t 
      Improvments I need for DEBUGF. Won't affect anyone else.
      Allow minimal unix target to build in cygwin (but not necessarily run).
      Fixed SYS_ARCH_PROTECT macros when NO_SYS is not defined.
      Fixed build for coldfire after last debug.h and opt.h changes.
      Fixed up and made work a PBUF_REF type. Most of the code uses this now
      Fixed minor compile issues.
      Made lwip timeout measurements accurate by no longer returning 1 
      Since coldfire driver always queues buffers on the output dma queue, it 
      In keeping with pbuf->ref always having the count of the number of 
      Fixed various memory leaks caused by protection issues (and some other
      Added an example program which uses sockets and supports multiple 

fbernon (70):
      Contrib module update with new debug defines names
      Update for new sys_thread_new parameters (see task #7252 : "Create 
sys_thread_new_ex()" )
      Update for new sys_thread_new parameters (see task #7252 : "Create 
sys_thread_new_ex()" ). Some @todo are integrate to do some suggestions to port 
      Fix "bug #20531 : cs8900 driver in c16x port cannot handle pbufs with odd 
number of bytes" by Mike Kleshov patch.
      Remove deprecated options from contrib for "task #7142 : Sanity check 
user-configurable values".
      Minor changes in msvc6 port...
      Minor changes in msvc6 port...
      Minor change: temporary remove some warnings, mainly in SNMP module
      Minor change for msvc6 port: add LWIP_DBG_ON to LWIP_DBG_TYPES_ON
      Minor changes (do functions for NO_SYS=1 case, use ethernet_input)
      Minor change (mcast_init sample)
      Fix little error on mcast_init sample
      Minor changes (comments)
      Use a timers_table to simplify NO_SYS=1 case in msvc6 port.
      Minor change (use DHCP_COARSE_TIMER_MSECS)
      Add netbios name service sample
      Add netbios name service sample in msvc6 port
      Add netbios sample in apps library in msvc6 port
      msvc6 test: add some comments, remove mcast_init (will be put later in 
contrib/apps when I got something more useful), add a test_init function which 
is called in the "right" context.
      netbios.c: enable to redefine in lwipopts.h the NETBIOS_LWIP_NAME
      Add ping sample from unix ports to reuse it in any ports.
      Add comment to "ping" sample.
      Drop receive packets in LWIP_SOCKET=1 case if they're not a echo reply, 
and use SO_RCVTIMEO option to avoid to wait forever.
      SNTP client with socket API. Need more settings.
      Integrate SNTP client in msvc6 port.
      Add macro and others definitions to enable to tune ping sender.
      netbios.c, ping.c, sntp.c: minor changes: add comments, add some 
parameters, some coding style...
      Minor change for DNS client in msvc6 port.
      Add win32 port (for msvc6, msvc8, and others)
      Update win32/msvc8 port paths
      Update win32 readme.txt
      Update win32/msvc6 port projects.
      Minor changes (regroup code in ping_prepare_echo).
      Replace C++ comments from win32 port
      Minor changes: don't presume the netif_default is always initialized in 
some apps (avoid crashs).
      Minor changes: coding style and add some "lpAdapter" checkings.
      Minor changes: coding style and typo
      Minor changes: remove tabs
      PPP support for win32 port (need to add some files).
      Minor changes: remove tabs
      Minor changes (replace DNS_COMPLETE by ERR_OK).
      Minor changes in ping sample: update "ping_target" before each ping_send.
      Minor change in Win32 port: fix wrong comment.
      Minor change in Win32 port: add the adapter's vendor description display
      Add AUTOIP use in Win32 port (and display ip address in status_callback).
      Minor changes (move a trace, add some explicit options in lwipopts.h).
      Minor changes in Win32 port: remove some references to local files in 
      Minor change: update pool.ntp.org IP address
      Win32 port: Add a sio driver for a pipe interface
      Minor change in Win32 port: rename LWIP_LISTEN_BACKLOG in 
      Minor changes in Win32 port: fix some warnings
      Minor changes in contrib folder: fix some warnings
      Win32 port: changes to adapt to sys_mbox api (just to be able to build).
      Win32 port: print statistics of dropped packets.
      Minor changes: add a return value to ping_send with socket api.
      Win32 port: add a dhcp_renew when the link become "up"...
      Minor change: add a comment in netio.c application: "See 
http://www.nwlab.net/art/netio/netio.html to get the netio tool"
      Minor changes: replace directy call to memcpy by MEMCPY macro.
      contrib/apps/ping.c: Fix bug #22530 "api_msg.c's recv_raw() does not 
consume data", and the ping sample (with LWIP_SOCKET=1, the code did the wrong 
supposition that lwip_recvfrom returned the IP payload, without the IP header).
      contrib/ports/win32/sys_arch.c: Minor change (typo in a debug trace).
      contrib/ports/win32/test.c: minor change, fix a warning.
      contrib/apps/rtp: add a rtp sample to be able to test lwip's multicast 
      win32 port: minor changes
      win32 port/msvc9: update port
      win32 port: last changes
      contrib/ports/win32: Fix NOTIFY_LINKSTATE macro.
      contrib/ports/win32: minor change, typo.
      ping.h, ping.c: Minor change: allow to use ping sample with NO_SYS=1. You 
need to call the ping_send_now() in your application.
      netbios.c: change to enable SOF_BROADCAST option

goldsimon (363):
      Updated the Win32 port to work with current CVS HEAD (only NO_SYS=1 yet)
      Added sys_arch.c to be able to use sys layer and sequential APIs under 
      Added initialization of per-netif snmp variables for Win32 ethernetif 
      set netif->output to etharp_output by default to save a function call
      set netif->output to etharp_output by default to save a function call & 
removed all the xxx_output() functions that directly called etharp_output().
      Ooops, checked in the wrong file before. Damn point-and-click 
interface... Reverted to v1.1
      set netif->output to etharp_output by default to save a function call
      Added call to netif_set_up for loopif
      Hope it's compiling cleanly again, after all these recent changes...
      It was compilable, but did not really work due to the changed pktif.c... 
Should work again now.
      Converted tabs to spaces; fixed indentation
      Added lwip-includes. How could this ever have comiled without these???
      Minor building fix (if LWIP_SOCKETS, wrong opt include file)
      Moved raw httpd and netio test apps from ports/msvc6 to apps
      Changed documentation, added IP configuration example file, rename to 
'lwipcfg_msvc.h' to be able to compile!
      Removed the need for PLATFORMSDK_DIR
      Added a project for the apps, removed the old app files from the msvc6 
      Improved timer accuracy with NO_SYS=1
      Removed the need for CONTRIB_APPS environment variable
      Changed default MEM_ALIGNMENT to 4 since even for intel, this is faster!
      Changed timer implementation a little (static- instead of global 
variables); minor layout changes to help beginners.
      Added (and using) defines for flags & ttl, checking NETBIOS_LWIP_NAME vs 
NETBIOS_NAME_LEN, added file description.
      Forgot one flag in response (AUTHORATIVE) - doesn't work without!
      Using PBUF_RAM instead of PBUF_REF and stack-memory to be safer (and 
faster with ARP queueing).
      NO_SYS=0 initialization: need to wait (using a semaphore) for 
initialization to finish before calling update_adapter()!
      Use the api function netconn_err() instead of directly dereferencing the 
struct netconn.
      Define PACK_STRUCT_USE_INCLUDES to support packing (netbios app doesn't 
work without)
      Added comment that slipif, ppp & pppoe are not supported by this port.
      Change header files layout in the project
      include the new inet_chksum.h
      changed dns callback function name parameter to be const char*
      Added the new inet_chkusm.c/.h files, included moved inet.c
      Added the new inet_chkusm.c file, included moved inet.c. Hope this works 
as I have no possibility to check it...
      if using with LWIP_SOCKET=0, may not create a new thread as that leads to 
concurrent access to the core -> use sys_timeout instead!!!
      Added new files netdb.h and netdb.c to unix & win32 ports
      Fixed some warnings, added new includes, added new defines in lwipopts.h
      using LWIP_DIR instead of LWIP_SRC environment variable
      Make unix port buildable with changes to sockets.h (include sys/time.h in 
cc.h only and define LWIP_TIMEVAL_PRIVATE to 0 in lwipopts.h to use unix struct 
timeval instead of defining an own struct)
      low_level_input: allow multicast traffic, filter out feedback packets 
(with src MAC == my MAC - limitation in winpcap); use LINK_STATS_INC instead of 
      Removed redundant Win95/WinNT code, added comments, added defines for 
      Added lwippools.h for an example of MEM_USE_POOLS
      Changed pktif.c/pktdrv.c implementation to remove global variables -> 
more than one adapter can be used (needed to test DHCP on multiple adapters); 
added DHCP support; initialize loopif before ethernetif (little bit faster 
since netif_list starts with ethernetif)
      support multiple interfaces
      Implemented the 'try' in sys_mbox_trypost (returning ERR_MEM if the mbox 
is full).
      Implemented the 'try' in sys_mbox_trypost (returning ERR_MEM if the mbox 
is full).
      remove double-define of BYTE_ORDER; added 2 #ifndefs to compile with 
cygwin gcc
      removed 'typedef void* sio_fd_t' (already defined in sio.h)
      removed old msvc6 port -> included in win32 port now
      Replaced spaces with underscores in msvc8 project files (unfortunately, 
the savannah cvs server doesn't support the command 'rename', so I had to 
delete the old files and add them renamed)
      ~patch #6459: Changed file name variables to const; changed file size in 
httpd from u16_t to u32_t to allow file sizes > 64KB (fsdata.c file size is int)
      Added support for new loopback code in win32 port
      Fixed a warning in sys_arch_timeouts() (SYS_ARCH_DECL_PROTECT must be 
placed after variables)
      Remove unused arg warning
      Added new stats-defines for sys.
      Changed MAC address settings of win32 port (MAC address to use has to be 
defined in lwipcfg_msvc.h)
      Removed some warnings in unix port
      pkdrv/if: fixed check for invalid adapter_num, added assert if netif 
can't be initialized
      No need to allocate a PBUF_LINK for incoming packets, PBUF_RAW is enough
      Fix unused argument warning
      Add casts where appropriate to fix conversion warnings
      Use size_t for mem_ptr_t to fix 64-bit-compatibily warnings
      Checked in patch #6760 (ping calculates incorrect checksum) - slightly 
      Fixed bug #25705 (memory leak in httpserver_raw when aborting connection)
      bug #25798: CharGen example uses calloc and free directly
      ports/unix/minimal: correct timer handling (ue defines, TCP fasttimer 
calls slowtimer); let mintapif use ethernet_input
      Removed invalid brace
      Adapted win32 port to changes in sys.h (for NO_SYS=1 only)
      fixed bug #27117: httpserver_raw sample does not call tcp_accepted()
      Fixed my last checkin that fixed bug #27117: "httpserver_raw sample does 
not call tcp_accepted()" accidentally called tcp_accepted() on the 
connection-pcb, not the listen-pcb
      http_accept(): arg is not unused any more, thanks Bill
      Added many missing includes to <string.h>
      Build this file only if LWIP_SOCKET and LWIP_IGMP are enabled
      Fix includes (don't include string.h -> included in all files where 
needed), fix LWIP_ERROR (expression was used as message)
      Use ip_ntoa instead of inet_ntoa, fix running with PPP_SUPPORT=1 (don't 
poll ethernetif - not initialized)
      Added makefsdata ported to C (by Jim Pettinato, extended by me)
      Added makefsdata project
      Added support for makefsdata
      Added html source files for httpd
      Fix adapter range detection (last adapter could not be used)
      Add comments, fix source code layout
      First parse subdirectories, then files (to get main directory to the 
front of the list)
      Update fsdata (generated by makefsdata)
      Added documentation
      Add support to files that don't include HTTP response header
      Restructured http: made more robust, added logging, removed printf, 
commented, prepared for files that don't include HTTP response header
      Added a more complete SNTPv4 client that conforms to RFC 4330 and uses 
the raw api.
      Removed accidentally committed test code
      Added chargen.h and use it from chargen.c
      Init chargen if configured to
      Correctly use log levels
      Make socket/raw api decision configurable
      MSVC packetlib adapter: added the possibility to select adapter via GUID 
(instead of index, which can change); added some deallocations on error; 
printing adapter names when listing adapters
      Added configurable PPPoE support for MSVC port
      Fixed compiling httpd without user-specified memp-pool
      Default setting for PING_USE_SOCKETS was accidentally inverted
      Fix compilation when using PPPoS only
      Print out error code when sio_open fails
      ppp_desc needs to be initialized with -1, not 0
      Using PPPoS on win32 blocked since read and write are used from 2 
different threads and read blocked.
      Added sleep in main thread if it has nothing to do (PPPoS)
      Adapted to new config option LWIP_ETHERNET
      Adapted to changed timer implementation
      Added debug output on open
      Unix port: fixed compilation after moving timeout handling to timers.c; 
fixed some threading- and other issues with initialization
      Don't use C++ style comments
      MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT needs to be 3 since now, timers are set up even for 
      Added LWIP_RAND() define
      Typo, coding style & missing include
      Added header file, init function and changed function names
      Updated Win32 port for new NO_SYS timers and for using ppp with NO_SYS
      remove 'const' from 'int len' -> not necessary
      Added explanation to disabled warning numbers
      Fixed after changing netconn_recv/_accept
      Fixed compilation after changing netconn_recv/_accept
      Use correct #if's for function prototype
      Removed unused include to errno.h (which breaks portability also -> 
should be placed in cc.h)
      Moved 3 apps from unixsim/apps to contrib/apps (since they are by no 
means unix-specific)
      Fixed makefsdata portability (don't use backslash in include)
      Fix unixsim after moving app files
      Fixed warnings and wrong asserts
      bug #26523: Compiler Warnings
      Fixed compiler warnings, added 3 new apps
      Added 3 new apps
      bug #26523: Compiler Warnings
      Fix TCP handling: command doesn't have to be contained in a single packet 
but remote side has to enter \r or \n to finish a command, this supports the 
other end being a (hand-typed) telnet session
      Portability: support "\n" or "\r\n" for newline to correctly print on 
win32 telnet
      (Experimental) support for echoing typed characters (to see what you 
typed in telnet), doesn't really work reliably yet...
      Added raw-api tcp echo server from unix/minimal
      Added new apps
      Adapted win32 port project files to recent lwIP changes
      Added files to compile check 0.9.8 under win32 (no fork support, of 
      bug #28659: Missing casts
      Coding style: don't use reserved C++ keywords (since many editors can't 
differ between a C and a C++ file); bug #28659: Missing casts
      Fix compiler warning: MAC address contains unsigned values
      Adapted to changed inet.h/ip_addr.h/def.h, fixed warnings
      Adapted to changed inet.h/ip_addr.h/def.h
      Graceful shutdown of netconn-httpd on error
      Added socket example both for users to get started and to ASSERT/test 
basic socket behavior
      Don't use C++ style comments
      Added def.h
      Fixed unix port after recent changes
      added netif/ppp_oe.h and netif/slipif.h
      Added socket_examples as and app
      Moved lwip_prvmib.c and private_mib.h from unix/proj/minimal to 
apps/snmp_private_mib and extended it for write support and usage with memory 
buffers instead of files to be used under non-posix OSes as an example
      Deleted old msvc6 project files: it's really too old now and 
unmaintained, use msvc8 instead.
      Use macros defined in ip_addr.h (some of them new) to work with IP 
addresses (preparation for bug #27352 - Change ip_addr from struct to typedef 
(u32_t) - and better code).
      Check that netconn_new doesn't fail
      Replaced struct ip_addr by typedef ip_addr_t to make changing the actual 
implementation behind the typedef easier.
      Support for case insensitiva comparision of NETBIOS_LWIP_NAME
      Update snmp tx/rx counters, initialize netif hostname to "lwip"
      include arch.h to get cc.h's definitions and pragmas
      Don't use C++ comments
      Fixed unix port after changing struct ip_addr to ip_addr_t
      Adapted contrib ports to loopif moved into netif.c
      Added project files for check and unit tests, fixed check adaption to 
      Fixed typo in project files
      Added guard to only compile if LWIP_NETCONN is enabled
      Added guard to only compile if LWIP_SOCKET is enabled
      Add printf for feedback when all  tests are done
      Added a function to test recv timeout and correct closing
      Adapted win32- and unix-port to changes in sys layer
      Allocate struct dhcp and struct autoip statically
      Added comment
      Added test for closing socket in nonblocking connect
      Fixed packing of struct rtp_hdr
      Use the new fcntl(), too
      Make use of the changed sys layer api and allocate mboxes/semaphores in 
place (without requiring malloc)
      Fix usage of stats
      Fixed compilation after change of sys layer
      Fixed compilation under cygwin
      Use new macro ip_addr_copy
      When ethernetif is only used for PPPoE, disable etharp and igmp on it; 
delay dns-example-request so that dhcp/autoip/ppp have time to bring the netif 
up after starting
      Set link up or down when initializing the netif
      help_msg is split into 2 strings to prevent exceeding the C89 maximum 
length of 509 per string
      added missing newline before EOF
      typo: 609 -> 509
      unix ports: fixed usage of sys_sem_signal after changing sys layer
      minor: fixed source code layout
      Fixed input thread handling: pass all supported packets to netif->input
      Merged httpd from TI Luminary: added basic SSI and CGI support, added 
support for dynamic HTTP header generation
      Moved some parts of the HTTP-header related code to a new file to share 
it between httpd.c and makefsdata.c, regenerated fsdata.c
      HTTPD_DEBUG defaults to off
      LWIP_HTTPD_DYNAMIC_HEADERS defaults to 0
      Fixed compilation of proj/lib
      -Werror to not overlook warnings
      Adapted to changes in tcp.h / added tcp_impl.h
      added tcp_impl.h
      Removed ppp_trace (not used by the PPP code any more)
      For LWIP_HTTPD_DYNAMIC_HEADERS==1, skip get_http_headers() if 
      Fixed bug #29068: Fixed memory leak in ping_recv for PING_USE_SOCKETS==0
      Fixed code-violation that checkmycode.org warns about :-)
      shell_main: use netconn_recv_tcp_pbuf() instead of netconn_recv()
      Copy errno to a local variable for debugging
      Check that LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF works (in debug mode only)
      Don't use C++ style comments
      Added test for multiple selects (disabled by default)
      bug #29105: Review printf formatters
      bug #29105: Review printf formatters: added X8_F to cc.h
      Improved code size & memory footprint when LWIP_HTTPD_SSI==0 && 
      win32 port: added the option to select pcap adapter from its network 
      get_adapter_index_from_addr: correct return value if adapter not found
      correct error messages
      oops, used non-lwIP typedefs...
      Fixed compilation warnings (missing casts, includes, etc.)
      Changed pktif/pcap_helper again for portability
      Added connection timing, changed default definition of 
HTTP_IS_DATA_VOLATILE() to not copy data when sending from unmodified files
      Use tcp_mss(pcb) instead of pcb->mss; only call tcp_output from http_poll
      Fixed tx and rx for ETH_PAD_SIZE != 0
      Speed up generating big files
      Fixed warning about unused local variable in release mode
      don't warn about union without name
      disable conversion warning (implicit integer promotion!)
      Moved lwipopts.h to include subdir, updated ignore lists
      Fixed compilation for CGI, SSI and DYNAMIC_HEADERS, renamed variables, 
added comments
      Added support for precalculated checksum and (pregenerated) HTTP/1.1 
headers ("connection: close" and "content-length")
      Added etharp tests
      Support request that are spanned over multiple packets/pbufs (disabled by 
default to save space), use memcpy instead of snprintf
      Added support for POST, HTTP/0.9 and extended status files (e.g. 
      Initialize the listen pcb's prio correctly, added missing cast and 
include, http_poll: don't check for pcb->state
      Don't call tcp_close right after all data is enqueue, since this may 
result in resetting the connection (because of task #10088)
      minor coding style: strnstr: added brackets
      Fixed compilation: removed extra tokens after #endif, which MSVC doesn't 
complain about :-(
      Don't limit maximum body length in post, added TRACE to some debug outputs
      Remove duplicate prototype of httpd_init()
      make udpecho_thread() static
      make some char-pointer-arrays const, add default cases on all switches
      Set LWIP_HTTPD_STRNSTR_PRIVATE on by default, prevent old-style function 
      unixsim: enable more warnings and fix the newly found warnings in 
      sys_thread_new(): name is a const char*
      Fixed invalid assertion in error()
      Make shell work with some or all stats disabled, too
      Fixed compilation with LWIP_UDP/LWIP_TCP disabled
      used memcpy instead of bcopy
      Fix usage of memcpy (after moving from bcopy to memcpy in an attempt to 
write more portable code)
      Added HTTPD_USE_CUSTUM_FSDATA to include "fsdata_custom.c" instead of 
"fsdata.c" for the file system (to prevent changing the file included in CVS)
      Added missing include directory
      Fixed compilation under WIN32 (htons etc. was duplicate)
      Don't include any directory starting with a dot (to not include my ".svn" 
directories), added parameter "-f:<filename>" to output to another file than 
the default "fsdata.c"
      Fixed compiler warnings
      -f argument handler didn't copy the full filename ... :-)
      If a COM port is used, set it to 115200/8N1
      Fix compilation with LWIP_NETIF_HOSTNAME==0
      Added pcapif that uses the (win)pcap library instead of the 
(undocumented) packet library. This makes it also usable under other OSes than 
      Fixed compilation for PING_USE_SOCKETS==0
      Correctly initialize used_adapter to NULL
      Use the new PP_HTONx macros
      Fix a compiler warning
      Added LWIP_HTTPD_CUSTOM_FILES to open files that are not included in 
      Fixed compilation for LWIP_HTTPD_DYNAMIC_HEADERS==1, fixed a few 
warnings, changed the init code a bit
      Added missing #if LWIP_HTTPD_CUSTOM_FILES
      performance improvements:
      fixed signed/unsigned comparision, fixed indentation
      Use the packed version of ip_addr_t in struct netbios_name_hdr
      fixed compiler warning: use size_t, not int
      In some cases, pcap_findalldevs_ex needs the correct source to find local 
      Minor: added newlines in console output
      - added LWIP_HTTPD_SSI_INCLUDE_TAG (default on): when off, don't include 
the SSI tag in the output sent to clients (so SSI tags can be used anywhere, 
even in input boxes);
      Fixed compilation for LWIP_HTTPD_POST_MANUAL_WND==0
      Fixed HTTP header for 400 (Bad Request) and 501 (Not Implemented)
      - strip '?' from all uris before passing them to fs_open;
      Fix compilation warnings (due to undefined defines)
      Improved debug output on sending data
      Added unsigned modifier 'U' to defined constants
      httpd: move some variables from rwdata- to rodata- or bss-section
      Fix VisualStudio project files after adding IPv6
      ... and changed some more files
      Adapted include path to inet_chksum.c
      Fix compiler warnings in debug macros
      Win32: fixed structure member alignment in project settings, updated 
ignore lists
      win32 port: fixed compilation of test.c, added ppp_impl.h to project
      fixed msvc project files for compiling/running unit tests
      Fixed bug #34582 missing limits.h for unix arch (needed for default value 
      SMTP: disable compilation when LWIP_TCP is disabled
      Prevent multiple calls to httpd_post_finished, since it might have 
already been called before from httpd_post_data_recved().
      changed win32 projects to compile unit tests using correct lwipopts.h, 
removed unncessesary <FileConfigurations>
      win32 projects: fixed warning level and build options
      Win32 pcapif: use pcap_findalldevs(), not pcap_findalldevs_ex() (we don't 
capture remotely), added missing casts
      httpd: updated example index.html to provide links to our savannah page 
and wiki instead of adam's (not updated) site only
      Multiple fixes found by coverity scan
      fixed compiling port/win32 for C++
      fixed compiler warnings
      fixed warnings in unix port; use the same compiler settings in all 3 
projects; use echo.c from apps and removed duplicate from unix/proj/minimal
      makefsdata: don't use FindFirstFile to see if a directory exist but 
CHDIR() to it directly
      bug #35874 reserved identifier violation, 2nd part
      bug #35874 reserved identifier violation, 2nd part in even more files
      win32 port: call srand() in tcpip_thread, too since the random seed is 
stored per thread
      Reverted too much changed test code...
      SMTP: added missing casts (which are not strictly required when compiling 
      httpd: fixed compiling in 2 configurations when SSI is disabled
      fixed a 'use after free' found from scanning the our httpd with a 
webserver scanning tool
      Adapted example ports to moved IPv4/IPv6 header files
      smtp: fixed some minor compiler warnings
      added optional macros PACK_STRUCT_FLD_8() and PACK_STRUCT_FLD_S() to 
prevent gcc 4 from warning about struct members that do not need packing
      httpd: fixed skipping bytes in dynamic header under certain memory 
      httpd_structs.h: IAR 7 wants 'static const' instead of 'const static'...
      httpd.h: added C++ guards
      Win32 pcapif.c: fix C coding style, include lwipcfg_msvc.h as first file 
so that it can set _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS for MSVC
      httpd: fixed compiling HTTPD_USE_MEM_POOL in strict C (not C++)
      httpserver_raw/fs.h: added C++ include guards
      Win32 pcapif:
      pcapif: fixed padding output data to ETH_MIN_FRAME_LEN for ETH_PAD_SIZE 
!= 0
      httpd makefsdata.c: fixed printing usage
      pcapif: set NETIF_FLAG_ETHERNET, too
      Win32 pcapif: allow reusing netif->state by accessing it through an 
overridable define only
      httpd: fix double pbuf_free on rx-pbuf when already sending
      win32 pcap netif: fix reopening pcap interface after standby, added 
macros that can be used to simulate OS interrupts in pcapif_input()
      httpd: fix persistent connections, check memp_sizes[] if 
      httpd: fix persistent connections after last commit
      win32 pcapif: added PCAPIF_RECEIVE_PROMISCUOUS to receive unicast frames 
not for us, too (for test purposes only)
      fixed win32/test.c after changing ip_addr_t
      sntp: fixed unused var warning
      sntp: include dhcp.h to make "extern void dhcp_set_ntp_servers()" known
      sntp: fix using gcc "-Waddress"
      makefsdata.c: fixed unused variable warning
      win32 port: use warning level "all" instead of "4"
      Enable more warnings in win32 port
      fixed some warnings found with changed win32 port warning settings
      fixed some more compiler warnings
      fixed some apps for IPv6-only
      win32 port: worked on IPv6-only
      sntp: implement support for dates >= year 2036 (MSB=0)
      Some IPv4/IPv6 portability fixes
      pcapif: fixed LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF check (does not work for 
fragmented packets)
      sntp: add support for listen-only client mode, fix time correctness (use 
transmit time, not receive time)
      pcapif: added code to test PBUF_REF RX (for task #11472)
      pcapif PCAPIF_RX_REF: fixed PBUF_POOL leak
      socket_examples.c: currently only works for IPv4
      win32 port: added new file snmp_mib2.h
      win32 pcapif: fixed PCAPIF_RX_REF (fixed pbuf leak)
      fixed some compiler warnings (patch by Dirk Ziegelmeier)
      unix port (patch by Dirk Ziegelmeier):
      unix port cleanup: combine common lines of the three 'proj' makefiles 
into one file (patch by Dirk Ziegelmeier)
      fixed const'ness in smtp_send_mail()
      Build lwip_prvmib.c only when SNMP_PRIVATE_MIB is enabled (or else the 
include file does not provide required structs)
      socket_examples.c: trivial line change fix
      delif.c: fixed const'ness (patch by Dirk Ziegelmeier)
      delif: tried to fix coding style
      unixsim: enable some PPP modules when PPP is enabled
      httpd: fixed const'ness (patch by Dirk Ziegelmeier)
      unix port: improved FLAGS, added more files (patch by Dirk Ziegelmeier)
      pcapif: prepare for use with pcap (not only with WinPcap)
      fixed printf arguments not matching the format string
      fixed some compiler warnings (found by mingw)
      Fixed compiling win32 with mingw (there were still warnings left...)
      cleanup unix tapif.c: use new MIB2 API instead of snmp, remove ethaddr 
pointer, use pbuf comfort functions, cleanup coding style a bit
      unix delif: added support for IPv6
      unix simhost: added IPv6 support
      unix delif: coding style cleanup
      adapted lwip_prvmib.c to recent changes in snmp agent structs
      fixed lwip_prvmib.c after changes to snmp
      snmp_private_mib: add C++ include guards (not really required, just for 
completeness); removed unused struct 'private_msg'
      snmp: combine oid and node pointers in array entries
      fixed compiling lwip_prvmib.c after changes to mib structs
      win32 lwipopts.h: revert accidentally committed test settings...
      ports/win32/mingw: ignore *.exe and *.map
      Fixed win32 port after moving SNMP
      added 6lowpan files to msvc project
      Tried to adapt SMTP to IPv4/IPv6 (auto-detected after string-to-address 
      handle NULL pcbs in accept callback

jani (70):
      Add Unix port
      Add c16x port
      Add other ports too
      coldfire port.patch #872 from David Haas
      add unix projects to contrib module
      put platform specific debug and assert in cc.h.Also put byte-order 
#define here.Delete files cpu.h,lib.h and init.h
      list.h is gone remove #includes
      updated netif init functions to return err_t
      SYS_ARCH_PROTECT_XXX macros noops for now to get it to compile.I don't 
know whether anything is required here
      remove unnecessary includes to avoid conflicting ntoh() declarations
      Add eCos glue.
      add patch against ecos needed for the glue to wotk
      do not put CVS files in the epk
      Spelling fixes from Marc Boucher
      C style comments
      change STATS to LWIP_STATS and modifications in lwipopts.h
      the contrib part of thread priority patch by floriZ.Also take out unused 
unix netifs from unixsim makefile for now
      update ecos port
      return -1 instead of 0 in sem_wait and mbox_fetch on timeout
      safer handling of EPK dir. in case user mistypes do not rm -Rf something 
      add sio.h
      add read and write to sio ops
      conditionally start tcp and udp apps
      some updates and cleanups
      Ids gone from tests too
      better error reporting in tapif, patch from Marc
      make test not bash specific
      Empty protect macros are already defined in sys.h
      patches 149{2,3,4} from Marc
      set hwaddr_len field
      ppp support for ecos
      update for latest PPP and sio.change some thread prios.put in ctrlc check
      Fix sys_mbox_post. Could cause threads to hang waiting for a mbox forever
      Add loopif to the ecos port too
      Fix compilation for PPP and for the case when net_drivers package is not 
added. Initialize loopif, prevent lwip_init being run more than once and fix 
lwip_set_addr to not chop off the netif_list.All these in init.c for ecos
      Add raw socket support to ecos port
      EFAULT not defined in ecos but used in sockets.c
      Add ecos copyright headers to sources
      Do not add ecos copyright text to PPP sources since the two licenses 
      make PAP and CHAP optional
      Mem corruption fix in cyg_arch_mbox_get from Claudio Leonel
      fix compilation when LWIP_STATS is 0
      do not define all STAT opts they default to 1 if LWIP_STATS is 1
      for ecos port: conditionally compile udp, add raw.c, fix warning in 
      fix some compilation warnings
      set hw_addr_len in mintapif
      fix stats defs
      update minimal to new netif_add
      update unixsim to new netif_add
      update ecos to netif_add, configurable loopif, and more cdl options
      unixlib and msvc updated wrt netif_add
      followup to unixlib and msvc updated wrt netif_add.declare a var not just 
the struct
      make simrouter match new netif_add prototype
      add raw pcbs to statistics
      fix ppp_trace()
      prototype of diag_printf
      reduce stack size for tcpecho test to 4K
      silence some more warnings in the test apps
      make ethernet optional, settable eth input thread priority
      hopefully better defaults for some tunables
      minor cleanup,use rign ifdef
      define fix
      io eth patch no longer required
      update simhost so it builds. inet_ntoa and netif_add changed
      slip set default route fix from Oyvind Harboe
      misc small warning fixes
      add sys_timeout test
      add network.h for compatib with ecos BSD stacks
      minor updates in CDL
      don't append ecos copyrigh headers to files which already have BSD 

jgrubb (1):
      Example application of httpserver for netconn/netbuf.

jifl (6):
      Update ports with newly required call to lwip_socket_init().
      Add new src/api/netbuf.c file to makefiles
      * lwipopts.h: Reflect IP_OPTIONS -> IP_OPTIONS_ALLOWED name change.
      * httpd.c: Fix warnings on some systems with mem_malloc.
      sys_jiffies(): set sec and usec correctly from gettimeofday(), and avoid 
sec overflow
      2008-09-30  David Woodhouse  <address@hidden> :

kieranm (27):
      Changed DEBUGF to LWIP_DEBUGF
      Added patch #1756 (with a couple of modifications) to provide raw IP 
      Changes from Patch #1871 (more Raw IP functionality)
      Fixed bug #4988 (change return type of mintapif_init)
      Kieran Mansley - address@hidden - 29th July 2004
      Kieran Mansley, address@hidden, 10th Aug 2004
      Kieran Mansley, address@hidden, 10th Aug 2004
      Kieran Mansley, address@hidden, 10th Aug 2004
      Updated STATS definitions to follow convention of "#if" rather than
      Don't call lwip_sockets_init() in unix port "minimal" project as it
      Move unmainted ports to "old" directory
      Return msvc6 to "maintained" state
      Update unix port to 1.3.0 before release
      Bring unix sys_arch.c up to current CVS HEAD API
      Fix compilation of unixsim shell app after removal of MEM_SIZE_F in
      BUG23408: avoid deadlock by splitting mail semaphore into "not_empty"
      Fix BUG23230: unlock mutex if sys_mbox_trypost() finds a full mail box
      Fix BUG22983: multiple fixes for unixsim
      Change LWIP_UDP to UDP_STATS from my earlier check in as per suggested
      Fix name of sys_now() function (was called sys_unix_now()) in unix port
      Match unix port definition of sys_now to lwIP core definition
      BUG #25695: replace calls to sys_sem_wait() with sys_arch_sem_wait()
      Fix unix port warnings on 64 bit compile
      Don't use local variable index as it clashes with global string.h define
      Remove definition of function that isn't used
      Set netif->flags appropriate for Ethernet device
      Fix compile error in httpd.c

likewise (29):
      Removed sys_arch as this port uses the lwIP core only (raw API).
      Added commented code for upcoming merge with leon-dhcp.
      Added LWIP_PLATFORM_ macros.
      Added err_t return values for cs8900 initialization functions.
      Generated level 1 debug messages on collided and missed rx packets.
      Replaced some // comments with /* */
      Made need_service field volatile as it is altered in the ISR.
      Changed 0 to NULL to indicate we are dealing with a pointer.
      Major stylo search/replace for "One space between keyword and opening 
      cs8900if_init() is now split into _reset() and _init(). Must wait 30 ms 
      Included ctype.h for isdigit() used in inet.c
      Added tot_len to debug message.
      Replaced some tabs with spaces.
      Enabled the loop that waits for hardware reset to finish.
      Fixed snmp.h include path. Clearified comment.
      Made compilable with 0.6.4.
      Fixed a small typo, mainly to test commit email notification.
      Fixed bug #2171. Ethernet drivers open to buffer padding vulnerability.
      Added a single comment.
      Added dhcp.c to the Makefile
      cs8900if_output() now returns error codes.
      Removed #error TODO: on the minimal Ethernet frame size.
      Fix non-compiling code for frame padding.
      Added raw.c to Makefile
      Added missing rototype for echo.c function in new header file echo.h.
      Added missing newline at end of file.
      Made compliant with API changes in CVS HEAD.
      Made compliant with API changes in CVS HEAD.

marcbou (8):
      Patch #1622. Resync stat_msgs[] to lwip_stats struct.
      Patch #1621: Add tcpdump() calls to pcapif tapif, improve tcpdump_init().
      Added PPP support to unix port. Works over serial or pseudo-tty, talking
      Use TCP_TMR_INTERVAL instead of hardcoded 100 as time value for 
      Added TCP_INPUT_DEBUG and TCP_OUTPUT_DEBUG (under #if 0)
      Added authType to pppSetAuth() and CHAP client support
      fixed minor grammatical error.
      ethbroadcast now a shared global provided by etharp.

ming (2):
      Add the arch files for "ti_c6711", that's a 32bit DSP. [2005.01.29 by 
      Update the driver in "ti_c6711", using QDMA of C6000 DSP now, which is 
much faster. [2005.11.07 by Ming]

proff_fs (6):
      Moved msvc6 project files to contrib module.
      Moved msvc6 project files to contrib module.
      Fixed compilation.
      More changes, still not working.
      Finally got it working. Cleaned up in some places, messed more in others.
      Added missing pktdrv.c.

sg (42):
      Fixed bug #43514 SMTP authentication disabled when only LOGIN is enabled
      added VS2010 projects / cahanged solutions to VS2010
      Hopefully fixed unit test on unix/linux (see bug #44082: unit tests fail 
out of the box)
      sntp: changed non-dns default IP for pool.ntp.org to work for me
      socket_examples.c: added code to check overflow/underflow of fd_set, 
added sequential mode of all test, made HTTP page size configurable to succeed
      smtp: fixed compiling with IPv6 (not yet tested), added better comment on 
how to use smtp_send_mail_int/struct smtp_send_request
      win32 port: added LWIP_NETCONN_SEM_PER_THREAD==1 code, ensure the 
debugger shows thread names by throwing a specific exception, updated ignore 
      patch by chrysn: fixed bug #40245 (unix port minimal project has abundant 
      patch by chrysn: further simplification on the minimal unix example 
(manually ported because the patch did not apply after all the changes... :-(
      patch #8484 by S. Caprile, slightly modified: "SNTP mods to get servers 
from DHCP and manually add/remove servers"
      patch #8490 SMTP mods to use a data handler for BODY
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/lwip/lwip-contrib
      fixed compiling win32 port with PPP enabled
      again fixed compiling win32 port with PPP enabled
      win32: fixed compiling with PPP(-OS) or external SNMP MIB enabled
      Adapt to 'const' changes in core code
      Adapted win32/unix ports to netif_up/down changes of bug #37068
      Adapt apps and win32 port to ip_addr_t changes (task #12722: Improve 
IPv4/v6 address handling)
      More IPv4/IPv6 portability fixes
      fixed compile error after applying patch #8671
      sntp: fix for SNTP_CHECK_RESPONSE==0
      unixsim/Makefile: fixed compiling with PPP enabled
      msvc: fixed USE_SLIPIF for IPv6-only config
      make win32 port compile with mingw (mainly to find more compiler warnings)
      more compiler fixes reported by mingw
      added mingw makefiles for win32 port (to get more warnings, mainly)
      Revert "Add IPv6 support to unix port and netifx"
      chargen: fixed compiling for IPv6 only (compiles, not tested)
      win32 MSVC projects: added missing PPP files
      MSVC: silence PPP warnings via 
PPP_INCLUDE_SETTINGS_HEADER/"ppp_settings.h" using pragmas
      win32 port: adapt to changed const'ness of dns found callback parameter 
of dns_gethostbyname()
      fix bug #46091: unix port needs to link with rt for clock_gettime
      SNTP moved to main git repository
      SNTP moved to main git repository
      win32 port: added lwiperf app
      netbios moved to core git, adapted win32 port
      moved dhcp.c to src/core/ipv4/ since it is IPv4 only
      Adapted win32 port to moved header files
      win32: fixed project file after adding "priv" folder
      Fixed win32 project after moving httpd and snmp
      added ethernet.h/.c to win32 project, adapted pcapif.c to the changes
      pcapif: use new snmp counter macros



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