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[lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack annotated tag, STA

From: Dirk Ziegelmeier
Subject: [lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack annotated tag, STABLE-2_0_0_RELEASE, created. STABLE-2_0_0_RELEASE
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 08:48:37 +0000 (UTC)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack".

The annotated tag, STABLE-2_0_0_RELEASE has been created
        at  693275be5096017089c121095aa7bd97bff07388 (tag)
   tagging  216bf89491815029aa15463a18744afa04df58fe (commit)
  replaces  STABLE-2_0_0_RC2
 tagged by  Dirk Ziegelmeier
        on  Thu Nov 10 09:47:13 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Create Tag for 2.0.0 release

Ajay Bhargav (1):
      netif:ppp: fix mempool build issues when PPP is enabled

Ari Suutari (1):
      Make sys_restart_timeouts public also for !NO_SYS targets

Axel Lin (29):
      PPP: remove double include for lwip/sys.h
      mem: Include stdlib.h to fix build warnings when MEM_LIBC_MALLOC is set
      debug: Add braces around empty body in an 'if' statement
      memp: Fix build error when LWIP_HOOK_MEMP_AVAILABLE is defined
      memp: Fix memp_overflow_check_element_overflow assertion
      PPP, PPPoE: Include netif/ethernet.h to fix build error
      memp: Remove memp_overflow_init() function
      memp: Fix unused variable build error when 
      mem: Fix trivial comment typo about using custom pools
      mem: Simplify the code for try bigger pool in mem_malloc
      pbuf: Use SYS_ARCH_INC in pbuf_ref()
      netbuf: Use memset to zero the allocated memory for netbuf_new
      tcp: Prevents a 0 sized (invalid) backlog
      tcp: Make tcp_state_str/tcp_backoff/tcp_persist_backoff static
      memp: Fix comment for memp_overflow_check_element_overflow/underflow
      apps/mdns: Fixup LWIP_ERROR message in mdns_build_host_domain
      Remove duplicated include for lwip/inet_chksum.h
      netbuf: Fixup a copule LWIP_ERROR messages
      dns: Drop unnecessary txid variable in dns_check_entry
      mdns: Update answers counter in mdns_add_answer rather than each caller
      igmp: Fix optimized code by always skipping the first entry in the linked 
groups list
      mdns: Use NETIF_TO_HOST at appropriate places
      err: Fixup error code range checking in err_to_errno
      tcp_out: Remove misleading comment in tcp_pbuf_prealloc()
      api_msg.c: Trivial code cleanup
      ip4_frag: Use LWIP_MIN instead of open-coded
      PPP, documentation: Fix example code
      memp: Fix memp_overflow_check_all failure
      dhcp: Use DHCP_MAX_MSG_LEN_MIN_REQUIRED instead of hard-coded value

Daniel Elstner (5):
      Bug #49125 addendum: Remove group from list before callback
      bug #74921: check prefix_length, not length
      Fix bug #49134: Do not announce invalid IPv4 address via mDNS
      Fix infinite loop in new MLD6 code
      ND6: Join/leave groups directly on the netif

David van Moolenbroek (6):
      Fix compilation for LWIP_EVENT_API
      tcp: advance next seq nr for zero window probes
      tcp: fix FIN ACK handling with unsent data
      mld6: fix conditional checksumming
      netif: fix reset of IPv6 addresses in netif_add()

Dirk Ziegelmeier (203):
      Add one more documentation sentence in tcp.c
      Add redirection page for HTML doxygen output so one does not have to 
search for index.html in the huge output/html directory
      Documentation: Add example code for NO_SYS use case
      Fix comment in sample code
      Update NO_SYS_SampleCode.c: Don't access heap in IRQ
      Update doxgen docs: PBUF layers, IPv4 and IPv6 functions, add some 
missing tcp raw API functions
      Fix doxygen warning in ip6.c
      Add some more functions and macros to documentation
      PBUF layer documentation clarification
      Some documentation cleanups and include more comments that have been 
already in code into doxygen docs
      Don't document IP type specific output functions, users should use IP 
type independent ones
      Fix mentioning functions that do not take pbufs as argument in pbuf layer 
      Fix clang address sanitizer errors in unit tests (buffers too small)
      Minor pbuf layer doc update
      Move rawapi.txt description to main page - this doc really should be 
found and read by users
      Minor: documentation fix
      Fix PBUF_LINK_HLEN value in documentation
      Minor netif documentation update
      Fix typos in docs
      Remove tcp_accepted() from rawapi.txt. Thanks to Sergio Caprile for 
pointing this out!
      tcp.c: Partly undo Simon's changes from today (repairs doxygen docs)
      Add note about Filelists.mk in UPGRADING document
      Minor: documentation cosmetics
      Fix a few incorrect uses of err_t. Found by converting lwip error codes 
to an enum, but I'm not sure wether I want to commit the actual enum conversion.
      Relete SNMP README and incorporate it's text in doxygen docs
      Activate TCP backlog in documentation
      Revert my last change in sntp.c - allow usage of custom error values in 
      Don't document ip4_route and ip6_route, users should use ip_route instead
      Don't document tcp_send_empty_ack and tcp_keepalive - users should never 
need them
      Convert state #defines in autoip.h and dhcp.h to enums. May be useful in 
*_state structs to simplify debugging in the future.
      Strip path prefix in doxygen docs - no /home/dziegel/ in the future :-)
      Fix compile of unit test
      Work on bug #48730: Enums should be used instead of multiple defines 
(where applicable)
      Convert SNMP snmp_vb_enumerator_err_t to a typedef and fix resulting 
compile error
      Move DNS protocol structs to separate header. Needed for Erik Ekman's 
MDNS implementation.
      Add MDNS to doxygen docs
      MDNS: make a few arguments const where suitable
      Fix wrong copyright header in mdns_opts.h
      Update README applications sections
      Some documentation cosmetics in mdns.c
      Port MDNS to new dual-stack API
      Forgot to save before committing...
      Remove some MDNS functions from documentation, they are only visible for 
unit tests
      Update MDNS docs after porting to dual-stack API
      Use udp_get_multicast_ttl/udp_set_multicast_ttl accessors where applicable
      MDNS: Correct setting TTL when IGMP is not enabled
      Fix options #include in mdns code
      mdns_opts.h: Add missing include lwip/opt.h
      MDNS: Fix several MSVC warnings
      MDNS: Substitute a few strlens by sizeof()
      Add missing file doxygen header in two mdns files
      MDNS responder: two functions can take struct mdns_host instead of netif 
as argument
      Also rename LWIP_MDNS to LWIP_MDNS_RESPONDER in unit tests...
      Introduce an API to store arbitrary data pointers in struct netif
      Finish porting MDNS to new netif client data API
      Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in mdns.c introduced in my last 
      Port DHCP to new netif client data API
      Port AUTOIP to new netif client data API
      Fix DHCP unit test after my last changes
      MDNS: Add callback to be called manually when IP has changed to announce 
new IP
      Minor documentation fixes
      Minor: Documentation fixes
      Coding style fixes in netif.c
      Improve netif client data API for lwIP internal clients - these can use a 
compile-time constant to access their data now
      Code cleanup in autoip.c and dhcp.c
      Minor: cleanups in unit test code
      Work on bug #48728: headers should cleanly separate API vs. implementation
      Work on bug #48728: headers should cleanly separate API vs. implementation
      Work on bug #48728: headers should cleanly separate API vs. implementation
      Work on bug #48728: headers should cleanly separate API vs. implementation
      Work on bug #48728: headers should cleanly separate API vs. implementation
      Work on bug #48728: headers should cleanly separate API vs. implementation
      Comment fixes in my last commits
      Fix compile of MDNS unit test with GCC
      Work on bug #48728: headers should cleanly separate API vs. implementation
      Work on bug #48728: headers should cleanly separate API vs. implementation
      Work on bug #48728: headers should cleanly separate API vs. implementation
      Add explicit documentation page about reporting bugs
      Reduce usage of netif/ethernet.h header, mostly lwip/prot/ethernet.h is 
      Fix compile of DHCP unit test
      Fix warning in test_etharp.c
      Add #include to netif/ethernet.h to netif/etharp.h to maintian 
      Fix compile of SNMPv3 code with MSVC
      Apply fix by Marco Veeneman in SNMPv3: The outbound_padding is calculated 
wrong in snmp_complete_outbound_frame()
      Move IGMP protocol struct to prot/igmp.h
      Add missing include in prot/igmp.h
      init.c: Implement check for correct implementation of struct packing in 
lwip port
      Rename lwip/prot/arp.h to lwip/prot/etharp.h for consistence
      Fix doxygen comment in lwip/prot/igmp.h
      Add documentation page about example lwIP ports. Start with FreeRTOS from 
Pavel Pisa.
      docs: Remove link to example ports again, this should rather go to lwIP 
      Work on bug #48824: ethernet.c extensions: Implement ethernet_output();
      Fix some comments to reference ethernet_output now
      Work on bug #48824: ethernet.c extensions: Implement hook for unknown 
ethernet protocols
      Fix regression in etharp.c: Allocate correct pbuf layer
      Code beautification in LWIP_HOOK_UNKNOWN_ETH_PROTOCOL usage
      Fix comment in pbuf layer description
      Fix doxygen comment in ethernet.c
      Work on bug #48868: Cleanup etharp.c not to use struct eth_hdr: Cleanup 
etharp_raw() to use ethernet_output()
      Cleanup etharp_arp_input() signature to match the sig of other input 
functions (pbuf, netif). Rename to etharp_input()
      Work on bug #48868: Cleanup etharp.c not to use struct eth_hdr: Cleanup 
etharp_input() to use ethernet_output()
      Remove SIZEOF_ETHARP_PACKET_TX #define, it is not needed any more after 
my last cleanups
      Document ethernet level functions
      Fix MDNS did not allocate TX packets from RAM but from POOL
      Add note to pbuf_type about correct TX/RX type selection
      Minor: documentation updates
      Remove misleading comments from udp_send() and raw_send(). A pbuf may be 
added automatically in front of the chain to be able to send PBUF_REFs
      Fix debug strings in ethernet_output
      Fix handling of LWIP_HOOK_VLAN_SET(). Previous implementation supplied 
uninitialized arguments to the macro (struct eth_hdr).
      Add debug assert to my last commit and improve comment in opt.h
      Fix ntohs -> htons in ethernet.c
      Minor: Several documentation updates
      Minor: More documentation updates
      Add API macros for netif client data handling and update documentation 
      Let comment in pbuf.h be consistent with provided example function
      Add some dual-stack notes to documentation
      Fix wrong sizeof() and remove superfluous NULL pointer check in MDNS
      Remove superfluous parameter from mdns_domain_debug_print()
      Fix bug #48924: Potential out of bound reads in DNS codes of lwip project 
by adding checks for pbuf_copy_partial() return values.
      Minor coding style fix in pbuf.c
      Fix usage of uninitialized data in nd6.c because of unchecked 
pbuf_copy_partial() return value
      Minor coding style fixes in mdns.c
      Fix usage of uninitialized data in dhcp.c by checking pbuf_copy_partial() 
return value
      Minor: memcpy -> MEMCPY / SMEMCPY
      Fix pbuf_memcmp() implementation by using pbuf_try_get_at() instead of 
pbuf_get_at(). Payload out-of-bounds access was not handled correctly.
      Fix compile when LWIP_NUM_NETIF_CLIENT_DATA == 0 and AUTOIP or DHCP are 
      Implement a more readable fix for pbuf_memcmp than my last fix
      Fix compile when UDP is disabled
      Fix compile when TCP, UDP and RAW are disabled
      Documentation: Add one more note PCB is already freed in tcp_err callback.
      Fix GCC  warning "invalid suffix on literal; C++11 requires a space 
between literal and string macro" in arch.h. Pointed out by Thomas Nittel.
      Minor coding style fixes while reading SNMP code
      Implement request by Marco Veeneman: Make snmp_send_trap() public
      Fix bug #49125: Need a way to iterate multicast groups for MAC filtering
      Apply modified patch from Daniel Elstner to fix bug #49124: mDNS should 
not use snprintf()
      Remove one debug message from Daniel's patch
      Documentation: Add example for zero-copy RX using custom PBUF
      Improve my last docs
      Fix bug #49136: No SNMPv2 SetRequest response when OID does not exist
      Fix bugfix for bug #49136: No SNMPv2 SetRequest response when OID does 
not exist
      Update comment in MDNS and pbuf.c
      Rework IGMP and MLD6 code to store group info per-netif.
      Minor: Documentation updates
      Convert IP address type numbers to an enum to improve documentation
      Minor: Documentation updates
      Implement consistent IPx_ADDR_ANYx macro naming between IPv4 and IPv6
      Minor: Documentation updates
      Cleanup handling of non-standard functions in lwIP
      Fix comment in my last commit
      Fix implementation of lwip_itoa to take more parameters
      httpd.c: add missing default in case statement
      Fix compile of new functions in def.c - I accidentally put them in a 
#ifdef section
      Add #include <string.h> in def.c since lwip_strnstr uses strlen and strcmp
      Substitute custom itoa implementation mdns by lwip_itoa() and strlen() 
      Remove non-standard strnlen() call in snmp_msg.c
      Add comment about possible definitions for non-standard functions
      "Fix" bug #49078: lwip cannot establish ipv6 connection, because of 
failed to fill ipv6 source address in Neighbor Solicitation Message by adding a 
note to netif_add not to forget to create a link-local IPv6 address
      Improve documentation: Some words about multiple execution contexts in 
      Fix bug #49218: pbuf_clen() overflow as a result of tcp_write 
      Minor: Documentation update
      Minor: update NO_SYS_SampleCode.c for IPv6
      Fix bug #48886: raw pcbs are not handled on netif address change
      igmp: Optimize code by always skipping the first entry in the linked 
groups list - it is always the "allsystems" entry
      Add documentation for bug #49139: IGMP "All Systems" vs MLD "All Nodes" 
      Fix bug #47731: IGMP state transition missing
      Minor: comment in pbuf.c
      task #14150: Add TFTP server from Logan Gunthorpe
      TFTP server depends on UDP
      TFTP: Add missing newline at end of file
      Fix compile of TFTP with MSVC
      Fix accidental TAB in tftp_server.h
      Fix bug #49264: Crash Error when LWIP_SOCKET_OFFSET is in use
      Fix bug #48876: nd6: timers should be in ticks, not ms
      Add comment for my last changes
      ND6: Always set neighbor_cache.state together with counter value to avoid 
      Another try to fix bug #49264: Crash Error when LWIP_SOCKET_OFFSET is in 
      Fix macro name clash with windows headers in TFTP server
      Add note about new abstactions for itoa(), strnicmp(), stricmp() and 
strnstr() to UPGRADING document
      Avoid code duplication in def.c
      Cleanup hton*/ntoh* function handling and platform abstraction
      def.h: Provide hton* / ntoh* functions to users by default for 
compatibility (can be turned off)
      Try to fix unix build after Simon's errno changes (need sys_arch.h)
      One more compile fix in err.c
      Minor: Documentation update
      Minor: documentation updates
      Minor: documentation typo fix
      Make lwIP compile with clang -Wdocumentation -> several documentation 
      Minor: Fix comment in etharp.c
      Apply patch #9139: Invalid format string in dhcp.c
      Fix bug #49321: error.h missing opening "#ifdef __cplusplus"
      Implement task #14180: IPv6 code should not reuse ip6_current_dest_addr() 
as temporary storage
      Fix bug #49328: Crash error in ip6_frag due to Assertion Fail
      Minor documentation update
      Fixup new IPv4 fragmentation code - thanks to Zach Smith
      Document non-standard functions in sys abstraction layer
      Fix inet_addr_to_ipaddr_p() macro
      Remove superfluous local variable in raw.c
      Correct macro parentheses in tcpip_priv.h
      Use API function instead of accessing struct members directly
      Merge branch 'master' into STABLE-2_0_0
      Set version to 2.0.0 release

Elias Reichart (1):
      ETHARP_TABLE_MATCH_NETIF is also used in the etharp_output shortcut

Erik Ekman (8):
      Apply patch #8755: Multicast DNS responder support from Erik Ekman
      Fix const argument warning in netif_ip6_addr_set
      mdns: Revert answer count patch
      mdns: Update error message after argument type changed
      mdns: Use macro to get mdns_host from netif
      mdns: Use macro to get mdns_host from netif v2
      mdns: Use netif_get/set_client_data helpers
      memp: Check for null in memp_free

Joel Cunningham (4):
      Correct TCP_OOSEQ_MAX_* opt.h documentation
      bug #48964: Make PBUF_POOL sanity checks contingent on PBUF_POOL_SIZE
      TCP documentation: fix tcp_pbuf_prealloc typo
      Sockets: check external FD_SETSIZE against number of sockets

Sylvain Rochet (22):
      PPP: fix dead phase set too early
      PPP, L2TP: remove useless L2TP state conditions
      PPP, PPPoE: remove useless PPPoE state conditions
      PPP: set phase to establish before starting LCP
      PPP: remove useless ppp_link_start function
      PPP, move VJ_SUPPORT disabling if LWIP_TCP is not enabled to PPP options
      PPP: remove PPP_PHASE_MASTER conditions if multilink mode is disabled
      PPP: revamp PPP state order
      PPP: don't restart LCP closing if termination is already in progress
      PPP, PPPoE: add support for disconnecting in link initiation state in 
disconnect callback
      PPP: close link protocol if LCP is not started in ppp_close
      PPP, PPPoE: cleanup connection state reset
      PPP, PPPoL2TP: cleanup connection state reset
      PPP, PPPoE: remove useless checks
      PPP: set disconnect state before closing link protocol in ppp_close
      PPP: filter more packets in ppp_dump_packet
      PPP: fix ppp_write internal documentation
      PPP: fix don't print valid LCP echo request/reply packets if the link is 
      PPP, IPCP: fix reset state before reconnecting
      PPP, IPCP: remove obvious FIXME
      PPP, IPCP: check that the peer is allowed to use the IP address it wants
      PPP: set protocol_list[] const

goldsimon (36):
      IPv6 is NOT experimental any more :-)
      Improve LWIP_EVENT_API compilation
      cleanup: move stdlib.h include to mem.c, where it belongs
      minor: add a comment about where to define LWIP_RAND()
      minor coding style fixes in IPv6 code
      started with bug #48728: move protocol definitions to 'include/prot/*.h' 
files (started with some IPv4 protocols)
      ensure the 'prot' headers are as small & portable as possible
      moved 2 enums from 'prot' headers to where they belong (dns, dhcp)
      minor: whitespace cleanups
      mdns: moved private things into mdns_priv.h
      tcp: move tcp header flags definitions to 'prot'
      fixed compiling mdns.c after moving things to mdns_priv.h
      fixed typo :-(
      simplify memp.c code a bit
      minor cleaup in (eth)arp
      make igmp/mld6 filter actions an enum and define them in netif.h where 
the callback function prototypes are defined
      combine MAC filter actions for IGMP and MLD6 (IGMP has compatibility 
defines for old code, MLD6 filter functions must be adapted)
      minor: fixed typo
      removed ETHARP_TRUST_IP_MAC since it is insecure and we don't need it any 
more after implementing unicast ARP renewal towards arp entry timeout
      DHCP: fixed compiling LWIP_DHCP_BOOTP_FILE==1
      ip4_forward(): fixed compiling IP_FORWARD_ALLOW_TX_ON_RX_NETIF==1
      fixed bug #47652: there is always a delay to send the first Neighbor 
Solicitation for the new add INCOMPLETE state neighbor entry
      ip6_addr: a valid address is either preferred or deprecated, no need to 
reserve 3 bits for that
      set netif IPv6 address & state via function to implement change triggers 
(task #13517)
      fixed compiling TCP_OOSEQ_MAX_BYTES || TCP_OOSEQ_MAX_PBUFS (local 
variable 'p' was hidden)
      fixed bug #47921: link-local prefix in router advertisement must not be 
processes for SLAAC (patch by abhishek ambure)
      Fixed bug #49209: netconn_drain() fails to handle 'netconn_aborted' 
      Revert "Fixed bug #49209: netconn_drain() fails to handle 
'netconn_aborted' pointer"
      Correctly fix bug #49209: netconn_drain() fails to handle 
'netconn_aborted' pointer
      bug #48823: posix errors should be removed from arch.h (to new file 
      Fix comment on sys_mbox_new() (bug #49279)
      Try to fix !defined(LWIP_PROVIDE_ERRNO)
      Make some pbuf functions take const pbuf pointers
      Fixed bug #46467: ip_frag() shouldn't modify pbuf in case of a 
      ip4_frag: restore "lwip_ntohs" after last change
      pbuf_copy: try to fix GCC const warning

sg (11):
      update some FILES list files
      had a look through the docs...
      minor: tabs -> spaces
      minor: macros should not end with underscore(s)
      IPv6 addr: clarify tentative count/LWIP_IPV6_DUP_DETECT_ATTEMPTS
      update netif address change triggers to tpc & udp to work with IPv6, too
      fix tcpip.c for LWIP_TIMERS==0
      added pbuf_try_get_at() (much like pbuf_get_at() but can return 
out-of-pbuf error)
      added more out of range checks to dns_recv() (see bug #48924)
      Remove ip4_frag IP_FRAG_USES_STATIC_BUF code: nearly the same as the 
other code, but IP_FRAG_USES_STATIC_BUF doesn't work when queuing pbufs
      Fix netconn/socket race condition when receiving RST while waiting on 


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