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[lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack annotated tag, STA

From: Dirk Ziegelmeier
Subject: [lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack annotated tag, STABLE-2_0_1, created. STABLE-2_0_1
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2017 14:07:24 +0000 (UTC)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack".

The annotated tag, STABLE-2_0_1 has been created
        at  3f70d6a81db8bd0a45bcb28436be21fdd927157f (tag)
   tagging  a5a4830b16842667cbb8b2cfb0ae328c68107435 (commit)
  replaces  STABLE-2_0_0_RELEASE
 tagged by  Dirk Ziegelmeier
        on  Thu Jan 5 15:04:25 2017 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Create tag for 2.0.1 release

Ambroz Bizjak (1):
      Optimize passing contiguous nocopy buffers to tcp_write

Axel Lin (14):
      netif: Add proper lock protect for accessing netif->loop_first
      netif: Trivial indent fix
      mdns: Fix assertion message in mdns_resp_add_service_txtitem()
      icmp: Increment mib2.icmpintimeexcds counter if got ICMP_TE
      lwiperf: Simplify #if LWIPERF_CHECK_RX_DATA guard
      nd6: Fix build error if LWIP_ND6_RDNSS_MAX_DNS_SERVERS == 0
      igmp: Fix optimized code for igmp_remove_group
      mqtt: Use LWIP_ARRAYSIZE to replace hardcoded value
      mqtt: Check conn_state before create request for sub_unsub
      mqtt: Trivial error message fix
      mqtt: Allow setting server port to connect
      doc: mqtt_client: Update example code after adding port parameter to 
      mqtt: Trivial coding style fix
      tcp: Make tcp_listen_with_backlog_and_err return NULL if the address/port 
is already used

David van Moolenbroek (11):
      Always check whether netif_default is NULL
      ipv4/ipv6: restrict loopback-destined traffic
      ethip6: forward correct error code
      nd6: add LWIP_HOOK_ND6_GET_GW hook
      nd6: add nd6_clear_destination_cache() function
      nd6: use default_router_list internally only
      nd6: centralize link-local packet send decision
      nd6: minor 'static' consistency fix
      Add hook for TCP Initial Sequence Number generation
      ipv6: adjust MLD membership on address state changes
      opt.h: provide some hints regarding MLD settings

Dirk Ziegelmeier (102):
      master: Set version to 2.0.1
      Fix bug #49578: lwip_socket_drop_registered_memberships API may not work 
      Fix inconsistent return value in udp_sendto_if() - ERR_RTE should always 
be returned when there is no available route
      memp.c: Only check for overflow/underflow if an element could be allocated
      inet.h: Consistently name some inet <-> ipaddr conversion macros
      mdns: Use strlen to determine string length of strings contained in a 
struct - padding seems to be applied to these strings, and sizeof() returns the 
_padded_ size???
      Minor: Add macros to map/unmap IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses
      api_msg.c: Partly add support for IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses
      sockets.c, lwip_sendto(): Remove check whether IP address matches socket 
type. Is checked in lower layers anyway.
      Cleanup unmap_ipv6_mapped_ipv4() macro
      Cleanup macro parameter names
      Work on dual-stack netconn
      Dual-stack fixes in raw/udp/tcp
      raw, udp, tcp connect() does NOT need to match exact IP type - when PCB 
is bound to IPADDR_ANY_TYPE, it is OK to connect to IPv4 or IPv6
      Move ICMP6 protocol constants to include/lwip/prot/icmp6
      Try to fix compile error with clang (found by Erik's Travis-CI)
      Dual-stack: Use IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses in receive() and getaddr() 
only in socket API, not in netconn API.
      Fix compile with MSVC 2010 and remove handling for IP6_ADDR_ANY in 
netconn_connect() - IP6_ADDR_ANY does not make sense in connect()
      Fix indent in api_lib.c
      Once more: Try fix compile with clang
      I decided to keep the "complexity" of handling IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses 
out of netconn API.
      Apply patch #9165: Allowing udp src port to be 0 in cases when we don't 
care about outgoing port
      Revert "Apply patch #9165: Allowing udp src port to be 0 in cases when we 
don't care about outgoing port"
      Fix bug #49662: UDP layer should filter incoming multicast datagrams 
against the bound IP address
      Add note about UDP multicast behavior fix to UPGRADING document
      Fix naming of some inet_addr_* macros in inet.h
      Remove TODO comments and one check from sockets.c indicating IPV6_V6ONLY 
socket option handling does not work
      Add #include <stddef.h> to a central place (arch.h) instead of #including 
it in several other files throughout lwip since size_t is needed in many places
      Minor code layout cleanup in err.c and errno.h
      Move declaration of struct ip4_addr_packed and ip4_addr_p_t to prot/ip4.h
      Fix compile when IPv4 is disabled
      Cleanup: move struct ip6_addr_packed and ip6_addr_p_t type to prot/ip6.h 
- these types are used in prot/ip6.h and prot/mld6.h
      Update CHANGELOG
      Fix bug #49778: sntp_stop does not cancel all timers
      Cleanup byte order handling a bit.
      Add macro to init an IPv6 address with U32 in host byte order
      Use new IPv6 init macro in netif.c
      arch.h: Implement possibility to provide own header for size_t, default 
is stddef.h
      pppos.c: Use arch.h to get size_t instead of including stddef.h
      Try to remove #include <stdlib.h> from many files. Does not seem 
necessary any more and might cause problems when porting lwIP.
      arch.h: Add hint for struct packing #defines on GCC/clang
      Improve documentation: add compiler abstraction macros to doxygen docs
      Fix doxygen parsing in my last commit
      Minor documentation improvement
      Adapt doxygen docs version number
      Doxygen: Fix project description text
      Improve documentation: Refer to compiler/platform abstraction in NO_SYS 
mode description
      Minor documentation update about IP_ADDR_ANY
      Try to fix compile warning with GCC under Linux ("large integer 
implicitly truncated to unsigned type")
      Fix bug #48963: ip6_frag does not support LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF
      Minor: Save an #ifdef in ip4_frag.c
      Fix bug #49827: wrong cast to size_t on 16-bit x86 architecture
      Continue to fix incorrect casts via size_t for some platforms
      Update changelog for LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF
      ND6: Don't misuse ip6_current_dest_addr() to create an aligned copy of an 
IPv6 address
      Fixup Makefile of FUZZ test after moving to main lwIP rep
      Minor cleanup of FUZZ test Makefile
      Fix bug #39145: IGMP membership report for
      Optimization in igmp_remove_group() pointed out by Axel Lin
      Minor code cleanup api_lib.c
      Fix compile of test_tcp.c unit test after introduction of tcp_next_iss 
      Fix compile with LWIP_NOASSERT
      task #14281: Add MQTT client
      Some cleanups in MQTT client
      MQTT cleanups:
      Minor documentation fix in MQTT
      Undo removal of mqtt_publish() from documentation in Simon's last commit 
(guess it was by accident)
      Fix a few -Wconversion warnings (there are many more to do)
      Update .gitignore once more for fuzz test
      Add mqtt documentation from Erik Anderson, rev 4b84fff
      Change signature of mqtt_client_connect() to take an IP addr instead of a 
      Move a few MQTT options from mqtt.c to mqtt_opts.h
      Fix bug #49914: lwip_sendmsg uses PBUF_REF pbufs
      Revert "Fix bug #49914: lwip_sendmsg uses PBUF_REF pbufs"
      Add #define with default MQTT port for convenience
      Forgot documentation on MQTT port #define
      Trivial  typo fix in arch.h docs
      Minor documentation updates in lwip/arch.h
      More documentation updates in lwip/arch.h
      Minor documentation update in lwip/arch.h
      Compile fix in lwip/arch.h "extra tokens at end of #ifndef directive"
      Provide struct packing macros on GCC/clang out of the box
      Minor documentation update in def.c
      Create documentation section "porting" and move it under lwIP section 
(instead of infrastructure)
      Several mqtt documentation fixes found by clang
      Fix TCP unit tests after changes from "Add hook for TCP Initial Sequence 
Number generation" commit
      Document PACK_STRUCT_USE_INCLUDES #define
      Add #include <string.h> in snmp_netconn.c because memset() is used
      arch.h: Add #includes necessary for default implentation of 
      Fix C++ style comment in mqtt.c
      Fix comma at end of enum list in mqtt.h
      Add note about high resource-consumption in LWIP_PLATFORM_DIAG and 
LWIP_PLATFORM_ASSERT default implementations
      Add debugging options to documentation
      Improve debugging options documentation
      I was not satisfied with the previous debugging options structure. 
Improve it again.
      Fix warning that local variable may be used uninitialized in mem.c
      Move macros to access DHCP and AUTOIP data to headers, users may want to 
access the members
      Fix warning about bad cast in pbuf_skip()
      Add missing #include in httpd.c for atoi()
      Add missing #include in netdb.c for atoi()
      Merge branch 'master' into STABLE-2_0_0
      Set lwIP version to 2.0.1 RELEASE

Erik Ekman (2):
      Update email address
      mqtt: Fix pedantic enum warning

Joel Cunningham (7):
      WND_SCALE: duplicate define check & doc cleanup
      bug #49533: start persist timer when unsent seg can't fit in window
      bug #49684, api_msg: treat non-blocking ERR_MEM as ERR_WOULDBLOCK
      Increment ip.drop when dropping due to NULL netif
      Add netifapi macros for set link up/down
      Doc: correct minor mis-spelling in sys_arch.txt
      bug #49631: handle zero-window probe and refused_data

Pradip De (1):

Richard Sailer (1):
      doxygen/generate.sh: Add shebang line

Roberto Barbieri Carrera (1):
      Fixed bug #49610: Sometimes, autoIP fails to reuse the same address

Sylvain Rochet (3):
      PPP, L2TP: fix PPPOL2TP_AUTH_SUPPORT == 0 support
      PPP, PPPoS: fix memory leak when disconnecting if there are remaining 
input bytes
      PPP: fix build warning on wrong cast from void* to unsigned long

Thomas Mueller (2):
      fixed race condition in return value of netconn_gethostbyname() (and thus 
also lwip_gethostbyname/_r() and lwip_getaddrinfo())
      Fixed bug #49895: Incorrect configuration detection in lwip/dns.h

goldsimon (24):
      prepare CHANGELOG for post-2.0.0
      Added important post-2.0.0 changes to CHANGELOG to keep track of changes 
for future 2.0.1 release
      fixed typo in CHANGELOG
      fixed bug #49676 (Possible endless loop when parsing dhcp options) & 
added unit test for that
      patch by Ambroz Bizjak: fixed bug #49717 (window size in received SYN and 
SYN-ACK assumed scaled)
      fixed bug #49725 (send-timeout: netwonn_write() can return ERR_OK without 
all bytes being written)
      minor: fixed indent
      fixed bug #49726: setsockopt() set TCP_NODELAY TCP_KEEPALIVE ... with a 
listen state TCP will crash
      DNS: added compile-time check for some defines to fit into an u8_t (bug 
      remove bogus LWIP_MAKE_U16() define and use PP_NTOHS() in ip4.c instead
      Added improved macros for ip address initialization: 
      removed old disabled code
      dns: added one-shot multicast DNS queries
      mdns.c: use constants from dns.h/.c
      Revert "mdns.c: use constants from dns.h/.c"
      mdns.c: use group initializer constants from prot/dns.h
      Add a check for correct implementation of LWIP_CONST_CAST() to lwip_init()
      Revert "Added LWIP_HOOK_ETHIP6_GET_GW()"
      nd6_input(): allow using NA without lladdr_opt for DAD
      Make nd6_new_router() handle already existing routers (this is a special 
case for 2 netifs on the same subnet - e.g. wifi and cable) see bug #46506
      Fix compiling with LWIP_NOASSERT (and debug/error disabled, too)
      more LWIP_NOASSERT fixes
      mqtt: fix C usage (declaration after statement), fix casting to smaller 

sg (17):
      dns_enqueue(): minor readability improvement: add local variable "age" to 
store result of subtraction
      netif_create_ip6_linklocal_address(): use macros to assign address state 
to ensure callbacks are triggered; netif_add_ip6_address(): only overwrite 
invalid addresses, not tentative addresses
      Minor: nd6_packet_send_check() -> nd6_get_next_hop_addr_or_queue() (too 
long, but a little more self-explaining); cosmetics...
      Moved nd6 implementation details to new file nd6_priv.h (possible after 
David's cleanups)
      minor: corrected include guard name in tcp_priv.h
      minor: fixed errors in some defined __DOXYGEN__ guards
      added forgoten new file nd6_priv.h :-(
      dhcp: covert DHCP_OPTION_IDX_* from defines to enum (mainly to ease 
offset calculation)
      opt.h: added LWIP_DHCP_MAX_DNS_SERVERS to configure the maximum number of 
DNS servers configured from dhcp.c(v4) (if any; guarded with LWIP_DNS)
      nd6: add support for RDNSS option (as per RFC 6106)
      LWIP_HOOK_TCP_ISN: added CHANGELOG/fixed comment
      added fuzz tests (moved from contrib/ports/unix/fuzz to get them to a 
more prominent place, even if afl-fuzz still needs *nix to run)
      added note about afl-fuzz requiring linux
      Fixed #49848 (Non-blocking socket emit a sock error while read return 
EWOULDBLOCK) especially for EWOULDBLOCK (added task #14275 for the general 
      added function tcp_listen_with_backlog_and_err() to get the error reason 
when listening fails (bug #49861)
      nd6 rdnss: fixed dual-stack compilation
      fixed warnings in mdns unit tests


lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack

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