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[lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack branch, STABLE-2_1

From: Simon Goldschmidt
Subject: [lwip-commits] [SCM] lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack branch, STABLE-2_1_x, updated. STABLE-2_1_2_RELEASE-25-g91a4d59
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2019 07:27:53 -0500 (EST)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack".

The branch, STABLE-2_1_x has been updated
       via  91a4d59eb4232ead071864c73ce34c706e84a88b (commit)
       via  1bd34ea364fb2e987dac15ce5ecd7c5c7dcae751 (commit)
       via  a9a215c52e7d7d98f82c9afb601f7afadfb2a037 (commit)
       via  5cea646b1221971545938b35df25febcac6dee1d (commit)
       via  ff14bbb3c1f044abaac32945b905156be07d60ff (commit)
       via  89be04ce7a4feca4db0e6b8a4c18cda18b913bd9 (commit)
       via  4b3c59e4cc98c2c5a6bf801fb83bdff09eaaae6d (commit)
       via  beeb300c18c3828c88bf1d067d448c80e1905135 (commit)
       via  79732693f3bffdb2aaaad59f7c7674ec09d48ad9 (commit)
       via  ef3d12c60efa787587c824dbffe0c3230cc8d379 (commit)
       via  608a2f97413511dbfc4d2af123f52f2d477bfc61 (commit)
       via  174cc87227dedf69f7d4aaf0fb6aad4c31408983 (commit)
       via  0d6d8922f2f55d448bf6f78d4cc90c31fc337aef (commit)
       via  67350e3c01b349a3795d4ca905695968500ce482 (commit)
       via  1a6455bc2544f873100348560cc7759096f5425e (commit)
       via  e1528e084d02f32ce6cb3a2fe8d7943da87a339e (commit)
       via  1892f445e2d0c496fd8d2470017ddc13da8fc3d0 (commit)
       via  484f0fbafa4853ef9e7d1a2b159d8306f580dc17 (commit)
       via  5378fd84df498759d4ba231f6ca3a42d6aa0fb93 (commit)
       via  9d8b8d9c6943a29c5be58db99c555bbc72ca80b2 (commit)
       via  cd9164799947e54e686efaedda15f56b8a4a3bf1 (commit)
       via  5cc46d7989fe3c61b15c4f15988c2e1a802acf6b (commit)
       via  fe4395336a6fd04491c160f9af44e3b3301b8696 (commit)
       via  9d97a467ca8146fb8b9d242a22e4a8cd2ccaadb7 (commit)
      from  039056370dea0dc82631f269e126351809bc19c9 (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 91a4d59eb4232ead071864c73ce34c706e84a88b
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Feb 18 13:15:37 2019 +0100

    dhcp_release_and_stop: don't clear netif ip address that was not assigned 
by dhcp.c
    See bug #55380

commit 1bd34ea364fb2e987dac15ce5ecd7c5c7dcae751
Author: David Girault <address@hidden>
Date:   Thu Sep 27 17:11:30 2018 +0200

    altcp_tls: assert in altcp_mbedtls_bio_recv if bad state
    (cherry picked from commit 3cb6ae77708feb3cf9c3b0b83c4cc4164a7ad527)

commit a9a215c52e7d7d98f82c9afb601f7afadfb2a037
Author: David Girault <address@hidden>
Date:   Tue Aug 28 16:23:20 2018 +0200

    altcp: support for setting keepalive parameters
    (cherry picked from commit b04d8a6a6caed42ea05e37b2d93b421de554f6df)

commit 5cea646b1221971545938b35df25febcac6dee1d
Author: David Girault <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed May 23 15:39:27 2018 +0200

    altcp_tls_mbedtls: remove entropy/ctr_drbg from altcp_tls_config struct
    Use only one entropy/ctr_drbg context for all altcp_tls_config structure 
    (Small adjustments before committing: fix coding style, adapt to changes in 
    (cherry picked from commit b298afabdc0daf7a02d9dc9f6a719d7cee1008f2)

commit ff14bbb3c1f044abaac32945b905156be07d60ff
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Dec 3 07:14:02 2018 +0100

    altcp_tls_mbedtls: listen: free members of the ssl context
    The ssl context is not used on listening pcbs. This includes freeing
    input/output buffers, so saves ~32KByte by default.
    (cherry picked from commit 282389a3325d71e8c6ce7dbe1ceb3fd6875d9051)

commit 89be04ce7a4feca4db0e6b8a4c18cda18b913bd9
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Sat Nov 24 13:41:34 2018 +0100

    altcp_tls: add functions to create servers with multiple certificates
    (cherry picked from commit 3f583a17575f5180d767c9d9eaf5ef3a5aa21501)

commit 4b3c59e4cc98c2c5a6bf801fb83bdff09eaaae6d
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Nov 23 22:39:58 2018 +0100

    altcp_tls_mbedtls: add session tickes, improve configuration for session 
    (cherry picked from commit 6f232b7c3f04e80465a9edb5805dbf90f58fb515)

commit beeb300c18c3828c88bf1d067d448c80e1905135
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Nov 23 22:25:21 2018 +0100

    altcp_tls_mbedtls: add debug output of mbedtls library
    (cherry picked from commit 54448559bbbde6bec74eb41234ecfd0ab77cd74b)

commit 79732693f3bffdb2aaaad59f7c7674ec09d48ad9
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Tue Nov 6 21:28:01 2018 +0100

    altcp_tls_mbedtls: use mbedtls_entropy_func for mbedtls_ctr_drbg_seed
    This is the default way for mbedTLS. Add entropy sources via defines (see
    This removes the use of ALTCP_MBEDTLS_RNG_FN
    Signed-off-by: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
    (cherry picked from commit 153c295b6faa32697e8794039a69b84b0a9d0652)

commit ef3d12c60efa787587c824dbffe0c3230cc8d379
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Feb 18 13:11:27 2019 +0100

    altcp_tls: whitespace cleanup

commit 608a2f97413511dbfc4d2af123f52f2d477bfc61
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Feb 18 13:09:32 2019 +0100

    Revert "altcp_tls_mbedtls: implement mbedTLS debug output, comment fixes"
    This reverts commit 422623a87b7fef4b29279a01752407acb47c8488.

commit 174cc87227dedf69f7d4aaf0fb6aad4c31408983
Author: Dirk Ziegelmeier <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Feb 8 12:29:05 2019 +0100

    Fix LWIP_ERROR macro - it should never be fatal (LWIP_ASSERT)
    The only difference should be:
    - LWIP_DEBUG enabled  -> print a diag message
    - LWIP_DEBUG disabled -> NO diag message is printed
    (cherry picked from commit e479bd56dfee63b96c837c54b6906b55ee5249b7)

commit 0d6d8922f2f55d448bf6f78d4cc90c31fc337aef
Author: David J. Fiddes <address@hidden>
Date:   Sat Jan 19 12:21:56 2019 +0000

    Implement RFC4075 Receive SNTP servers via DHCPv6
    This adds support for RFC4075 SNTP server configuration via DHCPv6.
    The DHCPv6 options transmitted are now conditional on how LwIP is
    A new SNTP application option SNTP_GET_SERVERS_FROM_DHCPV6 is used
    to enable. For simplicity this is configured to use the global
    LWIP_DHCP6_GET_NTP_SRV configuration setting.
     - Check the global options now control the DHCPv6 request sent
       in Wireshark
     - Check against 0, 1 and 3 SNTP servers configured on an odhcpd
       server configured to support RFC 4075 SNTP server lists.
       Verify that the SNTP server list is updated on connection
       establishment on an ESP8266 WeMOS D1.
     - Verify that SNTP packets are sent and recieved from a
       configured server and that system time is updated.
    Signed-off-by: David J. Fiddes <address@hidden>
    (cherry picked from commit 8f2f43f0937dcb192351f89df78157a814f37b21)

commit 67350e3c01b349a3795d4ca905695968500ce482
Author: David Girault <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Jan 30 11:36:51 2019 +0100

    mqtt: remove bad assert in mqtt_message_received()
    - client->msg_idx can be > MQTT_VAR_HEADER_BUFFER_LEN in long message 
splitted in multiple pbufs
    - renamed fixed_hdr_idx to fixed_hdr_len because it is length of fixed 
header in rx_buffer, not an index to it
    - removed the cpy_start as data always copied right after the fixed header
    (cherry picked from commit 2cc420e434744f9f217f2e68f39cf08379517a94)

commit 1a6455bc2544f873100348560cc7759096f5425e
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Jan 30 14:27:16 2019 +0100

    tcp: improve debug message a little
    (cherry picked from commit ed561a578b3283593c38a206d4a9b735e9d84758)

commit e1528e084d02f32ce6cb3a2fe8d7943da87a339e
Author: Dirk Ziegelmeier <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Jan 28 14:21:34 2019 +0100

    Fix bug #55537: Crash in SYN_SENT state when TCP_INPUT_DEBUG logs are ON
    (cherry picked from commit 4c19a909c20abb9bd78c4c52da0e7154e5d67c24)

commit 1892f445e2d0c496fd8d2470017ddc13da8fc3d0
Author: Dirk Ziegelmeier <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Jan 28 14:19:15 2019 +0100

    Apply patch #9737: Fix DHCPv6 DNS server assignment
    (cherry picked from commit 941300c21c45a4dbf1c074b29a9ca3c88c9f6553)

commit 484f0fbafa4853ef9e7d1a2b159d8306f580dc17
Author: Dirk Ziegelmeier <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Jan 28 14:13:52 2019 +0100

    Fix bug #55536: lwIP 2.1.2: netconn_delete() called twice from lwip_accept()
    netconn is deleted in free_socket() call
    (cherry picked from commit 3efc43531b2ee1ee21442bd43b0c499859fbddd2)

commit 5378fd84df498759d4ba231f6ca3a42d6aa0fb93
Author: Dirk Ziegelmeier <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Jan 28 14:05:05 2019 +0100

    Add documentation on how to debug memory pool sizes
    (cherry picked from commit a215eba50eae2320bf9e10499f6b05d9c7639074)

commit 9d8b8d9c6943a29c5be58db99c555bbc72ca80b2
Author: Dirk Ziegelmeier <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Jan 28 13:47:03 2019 +0100

    TCP/UDP documentation: Add reference to PCB mempool #defines
    (cherry picked from commit 8bf2e21b4d9f3d3119542deb161e3d4f7b3c280a)

commit cd9164799947e54e686efaedda15f56b8a4a3bf1
Author: Dirk Ziegelmeier <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Jan 18 20:51:58 2019 +0100

    Fix bug #55513: Uninitialized variable in struct netconn
    using patch from Karol Domagalski
    (cherry picked from commit 926e39935517acc16856ddd44598b3f7815efeba)

commit 5cc46d7989fe3c61b15c4f15988c2e1a802acf6b
Author: Simon Goldschmidt <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Dec 5 19:56:48 2018 +0100

    nd6: fix copying more than one DNS server
    See bug #55163
    (cherry picked from commit dcb29c591fdac0f073c4206e60e1fb94a577e0b8)

commit fe4395336a6fd04491c160f9af44e3b3301b8696
Author: Dirk Ziegelmeier <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Nov 25 14:01:23 2018 +0100

    Fix bug #55078: Add custom data to pbuf struct
    Add a #define that users can use to store custom data on a pbuf
    (cherry picked from commit 92a18bf6382077c88b11126b1e662dfb5386e637)

commit 9d97a467ca8146fb8b9d242a22e4a8cd2ccaadb7
Author: Dirk Ziegelmeier <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Nov 21 21:03:36 2018 +0100

    netbiosns_name_decode: Take CONST char* as first argument
    (cherry picked from commit 10e0130a4aaf59d5e2377f77c5d7123bb8e38146)


Summary of changes:
 doc/doxygen/main_page.h                        |   9 +
 src/api/api_msg.c                              |   3 +
 src/api/sockets.c                              |   1 -
 src/apps/altcp_tls/altcp_tls_mbedtls.c         | 230 +++++++++++++++++--------
 src/apps/mqtt/mqtt.c                           |  45 +++--
 src/apps/netbiosns/netbiosns.c                 |  10 +-
 src/apps/sntp/sntp.c                           |  36 +++-
 src/core/altcp.c                               |  36 ++++
 src/core/altcp_tcp.c                           |  30 ++++
 src/core/ipv4/dhcp.c                           |   6 +-
 src/core/ipv6/dhcp6.c                          |  13 +-
 src/core/ipv6/nd6.c                            |   2 +-
 src/core/tcp.c                                 |   4 +
 src/core/tcp_in.c                              |   5 +-
 src/core/udp.c                                 |   4 +-
 src/include/lwip/altcp.h                       |   5 +
 src/include/lwip/altcp_tls.h                   |  28 ++-
 src/include/lwip/apps/altcp_tls_mbedtls_opts.h |  42 ++++-
 src/include/lwip/apps/sntp.h                   |   6 +-
 src/include/lwip/apps/sntp_opts.h              |   6 +
 src/include/lwip/debug.h                       |   4 +-
 src/include/lwip/opt.h                         |   8 +
 src/include/lwip/pbuf.h                        |   3 +
 src/include/lwip/priv/altcp_priv.h             |  13 ++
 24 files changed, 428 insertions(+), 121 deletions(-)

lwIP - A Lightweight TCPIP stack

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