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Re: [lwip-users] Status of PPP implementation

From: Jacob Dall
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Status of PPP implementation
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 11:11:06 +0100


> Jacob,
> can you please avoid top posting, thanks. My previous message:


>  >> SLIP has no builtin support for dynamic address assignment, but a SLIP
>  >> server can print your IP address (as well as the server's address) when 
> you
>  >> connect. You can capture these numbers from the output of the server and
>  >> use them to configure the lwIP SLIP device.
> You wrote:
> >In the system I'm working on, both client and server are embedded systems, 
> >so I've no such option.
> Use of an embedded system doesn't keep you from letting the server print 
> the IP addresses upon connect. (That is, if you have means to detect 
> connect. If not, you have a problem with PPP, too.)

My setup might be a bit unusual - one would expect the embedded systems to 
dialin to a server, right? In my system you'll notice the opposite. The 
embedded system is a datalogger and it's supposed to run a server that allows a 
PC with some special control software to connect, when the user wants to 
extract data from the datalogger.

Therefore, I can't print the IP address upon connect.

> >For now, only one server and one client would be connected together, but 
> >in the near future I expect several clients to connect to the same server, 
> >using a 485-based network.
> If you use RS485, each slave unit needs a unique address prior to 
> establishing IP connection anyway. Have you considered a fixed mapping 
> between this address and the IP?

The unique ID is already at hand - though not utilized in the communication 
phase yet. I don't need the fixed mapping, as the user must select the embedded 
server he wants to connect to. The user need not to worry about the use of IP 
based communication.

> Peter

Your comments has brought a few new ideas into my mind. I'll have to reconsider 
a few things, but I still think I would like the auto-negotiation feature of 
PPP. Or.... maybe not... I just got a new idea.

Thank you for taking you time to reply to my question.


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