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SV: SV: [lwip-users] Status of PPP implementation

From: Andreas Stenius
Subject: SV: SV: [lwip-users] Status of PPP implementation
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 11:38:06 +0200

Peter wrote (not to the list, though):
> > I'm successfully using the PPP code on an Atmel AT91M40800
> > (and AT91FR4042) with a GSM-module from SonyEricsson (GM47).
> AFAIK these are little-endian, while mine is big-endian.

Yup, little-endian.

> Is anybody using it on a big-endian 32 bit CPU?
> [...]
> Which authentication method do you use?

Eh, none :) well, I haven't looked to close at it, but
it doesn't require any kind of user name and password,
since the other end already knows who I am, I don't
have to verify my identity.


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