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[lwip-users] tcpip_tcp_timer problem

From: Harsha
Subject: [lwip-users] tcpip_tcp_timer problem
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 16:25:44 -0700

Hi all,
I have a small problem. I am using lwIP with uC/OS-ii on Intel XScale
IOP321. I did not finish my ethernet driver yet. But I want to test if
all the functions are being called correctly till the ethernetif

I use this small test code in a seperate task which would connect to
the TCP discard server on a remote computer to send data:

conn = netconn_new(NETCONN_TCP);
err = netconn_connect(conn, &ipaddr, 9);
if (err != ERR_OK) 
    printf("TcpTask: netconn_connect: error \"%s\"\n", lwip_strerr(err));
pdata = "testdata";

printf(" #### netconn_write #### \n");
err = netconn_write(conn, pdata, len, NETCONN_COPY);
if (err != ERR_OK) 
    printf("TcpTask: netconn_write: error \"%s\"\n", lwip_strerr(err));

When I look at the debug outputs, tcp_timer_needed() is called and all
the debug outputs sequentially advance to tcp_output(). After this
step, the tcpip_thread() (in tcpip.c api) runs in the while(1) loop
and never gets any message. The tcpip_tcp_timer() function is never
getting called after the timeout. But there is 1 packet enqueued which
never gets to subsequent layers for output.

Is there something really siple that I am missing?

Thank you,
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