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Re: [lwip-users] DHCP and changing the MAC address

From: Leon Woestenberg
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] DHCP and changing the MAC address
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 18:40:42 +0200
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Tom C. Barker wrote:

1. UDP or TCP?

   The pcbs being zeroed are tcp.

2. Can you submit back what you did?

If I have " 00-08-4f-ff-ff-0f dynamic" in my client arp table and I change the MAC in the FTP server to 00-08-4f-ff-ff-0e,
   the DHCP server may give the FTP server for an arp entry of
   "        00-08-4f-ff-ff-0e     dynamic". At this point the
   client would never find the server until the arp entry timed out. To 
OK, I am assuming the server is running lwIP here and the client is some other host. What the server (lwIP) could do is emit a "gratuitious ARP" message to update the ARP table of hosts on the local network.

You may want to enable this piece of code in netif_set_ipaddr():
#if 0 /* only allowed for Ethernet interfaces TODO: how can we check? */
  /** For Ethernet network interfaces, we would like to send a
   *  "gratuitous ARP"; this is an ARP packet sent by a node in order
   *  to spontaneously cause other nodes to update an entry in their
   *  ARP cache. From RFC 3220 "IP Mobility Support for IPv4" section 4.6.
  etharp_query(netif, ipaddr, NULL);

It sends an ARP request which always carries its own IP/MAC source address. The contents of the rest of the message do not really care BTW.

All local hosts should update their ARP table.

   I clean my arp table and browse to the FTP server and I get a proper 
Using the above, you should no longer need to do this manually.

   Clearly there would be no issue if the new MAC address were awarded a 
   unbound arp entry such as "        00-08-4f-ff-ff-0e     

OK, understandable. But we neatly released the DHCP *.206 lease, so we cannot really control what DHCP gives us.

3. Look in netif_set_addr() or whatever it is called. I think we try to maintain UDP PCB over an IP address change, and close TCP PCBs.

Only connected TCP PCBs are closed. See netif_set_ipaddr(). I am not sure if it is safe to carry over connected PCB's to a new address.

Also, I think that it is release() that does what I was needing done: zeroing the lpcb local addresses so that the newly assigned address will be transferred
   due to the fact that the lpcb local address of zero is equal to the new netif
   local address of zero.

I am not sure if this was intentional by design.

When netif_set_ipaddr(netif, is called on a non- interface, I think we should act in a defined manner. (and maybe follow hat BSD is doing - which I have no clue of in this particular case).

What we really want is an interface UP and DOWN state, to work around
abusing as DOWN.

If I can answer any questions of comment on anything else I've done or observed,
let me know.

You might try enabling the gratuitous ARP implementation to see if it works and telling me so :-)



Thanks for your help,

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On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 01:45, Tom C. Barker wrote:

I think I have found the issue. Your original suggestion of using dhcp_release was the way to go. Again, because it was a static and not listed in the .h file, I assumed I was not to use it.

The code is not fully clean there yet; we really should delete
state information in dhcp_release().

Also, I intended to allow dhcp_start() on existing leases; this
is not handled properly yet without a dhcp_stop() and release().

I will submit some code in the next week or so that fixes this.
You may want to keep an eye on that.

My listening pcbs are zeroed now so the new Ip address is transferred properly!


The only other issue was fixing up my local arp table after I change the MAC. Deleteing the arp entry in the client and performing a ping on the ( lwIP-based ) server gets the arp
table entry corrected. From there I am able to access my services.

Can you submit back what you did? I think an arp_query() is more
clean to do here instead of the ping.

Can you confirm how the zeroing of the lpcb takes place? I could not find it. (Or at least confirm what I'm seeing is true?)

Look in netif_set_addr() or whatever it is called. I think we try
to maintain UDP PCB over an IP address change, and close TCP PCBs.

I am not sure though, I do not have the time to inspect the source
code right now.

Regards, Leon.

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