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[lwip-users] TCP CLOSING State

From: Jan Ulvesten
Subject: [lwip-users] TCP CLOSING State
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 10:08:06 +0200



I have tested lwip (latest version) for several weeks now.  One of the tests was to use a built-in web server where the page is refreshed automatically every 3 seconds.

Consequently there will be a lot of socket connects and disconnects.


During this test I lost contact with my target on TCP level, checks showed that all TCP PCB’s was allocated by in the CLOSING state. It seemed like they never timeout out from this state. I had contact with ping and was able to route IP packets through, by not to create a TCP connection.


Maybe I have some kind of rotten environment, but there still no timeout in this state and the PCB remains in CLOSING state forever.  I just made a quick test test, if I call tcp_abort on timeout in CLOSING, the PCB is freed correctly.


I have no clue about the real cause for this. I use the raw API and no op.sys.  My target is pretty loaded with other stuff so it might be a performance problem.





Jan Ulvesten

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